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by:INGOR SPORTWEAR     2022-09-13
Team clothing is a special kind of work attire. Its basic characteristics are solemn, conservative, suitable for work, and unified image. At present, team clothing is more common in the service window industry, such as hotels, banks, insurance companies, etc., because wearing team clothing makes people feel trustworthy. Why do companies need uniform work clothes? 1. Professional identification Team clothing has professional identification. It is a suggestion of occupational roles, used to distinguish social roles from specific identities, as well as different industries and jobs. People expect certain occupational roles to conform to relevant rules or norms of behavior, and one of the ways in which such group norms are established is through“dress”. So, we saw judges wearing judge uniforms, teachers wearing school uniforms, secretaries wearing business suits. Another example: policemen wear police uniforms, nurses wear nursing uniforms, firefighters wear firefighting uniforms……Occupational classification is clear. 2. Occupational identity conforms to a certain identity. Team clothing can show the identity of the wearer, and it should be consistent with the so-called“blue collar, amount”differentiated. Professional suits too“white collar”A reminder to enter a working state. A lawyer who keeps his trousers straight and his shoes shiny is a guarantee of his confidence in the presence of his clients. A secretary, elegant, well-fitting and suave, a courtesy to both clients and superiors. At present, team clothing is more common in the service window industry, such as hotels, banks, insurance companies, etc., because wearing team clothing makes people feel trustworthy. 3. Ease of work In fact, this is the most basic requirement of team clothing. The development trend of foreign team clothing is also: recognizable, dignified, and easy to work. 4. Professional dignity The team clothing must be of high grade, and choose good clothing materials and design tailoring within your ability. Because this can make the person who wears it have self-esteem and a sense of sublime. In our country, flight attendant uniforms are better, fit and elegant. Team clothing should be matched with attention, such as wearing suits and skirts with leather shoes, men should wear black lace-up leather shoes, and women should wear boat-shaped high-heeled leather shoes. In New York, there is an interesting phenomenon, there are many girls who go to work wearing sneakers to work, but when they get to the office, they will take out a pair of regular leather shoes from the drawer and put them on. The American 'Oprah' magazine reported: If you don't do any heavy work, your body is exhausted, and you have no spirit when you work. This is not necessarily caused by complicated affairs. According to the United States 'Oprah' magazine reported that some daily habits can also make people listless. The color of the clothes is also important. Dark colors such as black, brown, navy, etc. stimulate the secretion of melatonin, making people groggy. Studies have found that white can counteract this effect, making people feel refreshed and happy; red can increase blood flow and stimulate the adrenal glands to secrete some refreshing hormones; yellow can enhance people's self-confidence and encourage people to think positively. Clothes are too loose. Wearing loose and elastic clothes makes the limbs of the human body tend to sag, which causes pressure on the joints and muscles, and it is difficult for oxygen to circulate freely in the body. Dressing a little tighter not only corrects your sitting posture, promotes healthy breathing, but also boosts your self-confidence. Coffee in the morning. Many people have the habit of drinking coffee or tea in the morning, maybe that's why you're exhausted. First of all, after consuming too much coffee, the metabolism is drastically accelerated, which can make people drowsy. Second, the body has not been hydrated for several hours in the morning, and the dehydrating effects of caffeine can accelerate the body's“thirst”Symptoms make people lose vitality. So drink coffee in the morning in moderation, and you need to add boiled water in time. The above is the reason why the company requires employees to wear uniform work clothes. In fact, there are many functions that we have not written, but everyone knows it, such as providing employee cohesion, increasing a sense of belonging and so on! (customized team sportswear manufacturer)
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