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by:INGOR SPORTWEAR     2022-09-08
Why are some sportswear manufacturer so stretchy? And some don't? In fact, this is all determined by the fabrics used in sportswear. Some fabrics are very elastic, and some fabrics are very weak. Generally speaking, most sportswear will have strong elasticity. This is due to the movement itself. decided. (Sweatpants customization) Why is sportswear manufacturer so elastic? Generally, sportswear should be made of elastic, because good stretchable fabrics continue to promote the convenience, speed, and effective protection of muscle power consumption during stretching. On the basis of protecting the surface of the body, it will give greater play to the ability of human beings to break through the limits. Elastic fabrics mainly represent polyester nylon weft elastic cloth, four-way elastic, lattice high elastic hemp, etc. Polyester nylon weft elastic fabric: It is a rising star of thin blended fabrics, and it is also an ideal fabric newly developed in the textile industry. The fabric uses 100D polyester-nylon composite yarn and 40D spandex core-spun yarn as raw materials, adopts jacquard weave, and is woven on a rapier loom according to the warp and weft density of 133*72. It has the elastic function of spandex fabrics. Four-way stretch: This fabric has better elasticity. The proportion of spandex in the composition is relatively large. Generally used for clothing, full of elasticity. Lattice high-elastic hemp: 96% of 100D polyester-nylon composite yarn and 4% of 40D spandex core-spun yarn are used as raw materials, fine lattice structure is selected, and it is woven on a rapier loom according to the warp and weft density of 100*98. Why are some sportswear stretchy and others not? This is determined by the exercise itself. For example, the elasticity of gym clothes should be very good, while the elasticity of aerobic exercise such as running does not need to be so high. Related recommendation: Sports meeting uniforms
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