Which underwear factory is better? ingor knitting is recommended because of these 3 points

by:INGOR SPORTWEAR     2022-05-29
Which underwear factory is better? With the influence of the external environment and the rise of various costs, more and more people looking for underwear factories will have such doubts: 'Which underwear manufacturer is the best and which is the strongest? How can I find a suitable underwear factory? ?' Ingorsports, a manufacturer specializing in the custom processing of seamless underwear for 17 years, teaches you 3 points to find a suitable underwear manufacturer.

1. Which underwear factory is better? Safety inspection is essential!

When it comes to underwear, especially women's underwear, as the name suggests, it is the intimate clothing worn on the body. So the first thing to consider when looking for an underwear factory is safety. Many low-priced and low-quality underwear are processed by some small imitation underwear factories. They use some chemical raw materials and also contain a lot of bacteria. Wearing them will cause rashes and discomfort. This is obviously harmful to the human body. Therefore, looking for underwear factories, manufacturers that can provide safety testing should be preferred.

Guangzhou ingorsports has been a manufacturer specializing in the production and processing of various seamless underwear for 17 years. It adopts Japanese product requirements and exports to Japan, South Korea, the United States, Western Europe, France and other places for many years, and has cooperated with Walmart, MACYS, COSCO, etc. Pass. The raw materials of underwear products are azo-free and formaldehyde-free, and the salad degree is above 4. The raw materials of Israel Yili and the environmentally friendly raw materials of listed company Huading Company are processed and produced. At the same time, the produced underwear products are guaranteed by the needle inspection machine. Prevent needle breakage.

So which underwear factory is better? One of the reasons to prefer ingorsports.

2. Which underwear factory is better? How is the production scale?

When many people are looking for underwear manufacturers, they will have such doubts, that is, the production scale of the underwear factory and whether the production capacity and delivery time can be guaranteed. Then in the Guangzhou ingorsports underwear factory, such worries are completely unnecessary. In 2017, the ingorsports underwear factory covers an area of u200bu200bmore than 20,000 square meters, imported more than 130 Italian knitting machines, and imported more than 200 sewing machines from Japan. The machines are fully capable of producing more than 60,000 pieces of products per day. Meet your production capacity requirements. Ingorsports underwear factory has also been rated as a growth-oriented enterprise by the Guangzhou government for many years.

3. Which underwear factory is better? how's the price?

The underwear factory talks about safety and production scale. So what is the price of ingorsports underwear factory products? The positioning of ingorsports underwear factory is to provide you with personalized on-demand underwear manufacturers. You can come to the underwear factory to visit, choose samples or bring samples, according to the samples, the products follow the domestic price, the quality requirements of Europe, really make you feel at ease and worry-free. The product sells well, and it also makes you money.

Which underwear factory is better? Worry about customer disputes, take away customers' worries, and truly make you feel at ease and worry-free. ——Guangzhou ingorsports is worth recommending to you!

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