Which is the best women's underwear factory? How about a underwear factory that produces 300 new underwear every month?

by:INGOR SPORTSWEAR     2022-05-23
Which is the best women's underwear factory? There are tens of thousands of women's underwear manufacturers across the country, not all of them are suitable for you. Nowadays, the competition in the women's underwear processing industry is also extremely fierce. Among the many women's underwear factories, ingorsports believes that it is very important to measure the quality of a women's underwear factory for product research and development capabilities.

With the development of the times, people's pursuit of women's underwear is no longer just a simple piece of clothing, so the requirements for women's underwear manufacturers are also higher. Women's underwear manufacturers that really survive today generally have a certain scale and strength, such as production capacity, service capabilities, etc., and a very important point is that women's underwear manufacturers must have research and development capabilities, especially for new women's underwear products. R u0026 D capabilities.

As for the research and development ability of new women's underwear, it seems easy to say, but it is actually a big test for women's underwear manufacturers. It requires you to accurately grasp the preferences of the public in the market, and at the same time have a unique vision , which can well predict the styles of women's underwear that will be popular in the future.

In the past, people looking for women's underwear factories mostly went to market stalls or participating in exhibitions to find manufacturers. For example, Guangzhou International Trade City, many factories that produce and process women's underwear have stalls here. For example, participating in exhibitions. At present, there are countless exhibitions about women's underwear exhibitions every year. Because many factories are easy to find through these two channels, they do not pay attention to their own product research and development capabilities.

With the development of the Internet, the dissemination of information is faster, wider and more diverse. Those women's underwear factories that have no Ru0026D ability have finally paid for the hardships of surviving.

ingorsports, a 17-year-old women's seamless underwear manufacturer, has paid great attention to its own product research and development capabilities very early. It has established a women's underwear product research and development team as early as the beginning of its establishment. Now ingorsports has 7 18-year-old women's underwear designers Experienced designer. Always at the forefront of the times, customers who have cooperated with ingorsports know that as long as they really sell women's underwear products with dim sum, the factory will continuously supply new styles of underwear to ensure the freshness of the market.

ingorsports now keeps launching 8-10 new women's underwear every day and nearly 300 styles every month. For a long time, our ingorsports has been imitated by peer underwear manufacturers, but we are always catching up, but not super hot.

A women's underwear factory without product research and development capabilities can only be reduced to the most basic OEM, without the right to speak, without mastering the language of the women's underwear manufacturer, no matter how much manpower invested, it can only get With some meager profits and greater risks, it is difficult for such a women's underwear factory to develop by leaps and bounds.

Which is the best women's underwear factory? The research and development ability really cannot be ignored, let's see how the underwear factory that produces 300 pieces of new underwear every month.

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