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by:INGOR SPORTWEAR     2022-09-09
What is group clothing? What are the characteristics of team clothing? As the name suggests, group, collective, team uniform clothing is called group clothing. Group clothing is a clothing product used by social groups or units in the process of brand establishment and management for self-quality improvement, cultural construction and image improvement. Group clothing has significant characteristics: 1. Group clothing has bright colors, whether it is black, white, red, navy, blue, green, purple, etc., because of the unified color, it looks bright and has strong visual impact, which can deepen the impression , unforgettable. Combining two or more colors has the same effect, but styles with too many colors are not common. Stripes and plaids are also good, but exaggerated textures or patterns are less common. 2. Group unified style In order to achieve the effect of self-pursuit, the enterprise group basically adopts the uniform style of clothing style. Since most group members come in different shapes, basic or classic styles are preferred. Due to the influence of Western culture, clothing featuring leisure, comfort and health is currently more popular, and more sports T-shirts, casual wear, sweaters, fleece jackets, outdoor jackets, jackets, golf caps and other clothing products are used. 3, clothing LOGO / logo This is a very important element. All group clothing will be made with their own graphic content, whether it is printing or embroidery, or other production processes. If this item is missing, then the group clothing will lose its function. Companies that customize group clothing——Ingor Ingor was established in 2009. It provides more professional and unified clothing customization services for users who need customized group clothing across the country. It mainly provides customized services of different styles such as T-shirts, Polo shirts, and sportswear manufacturer, and has leading customized product solutions. , Perfect supply chain team and after-sales service system. Ingor has its own factory, which can customize uniform clothing for different needs according to the needs of customers. Round neck T-shirts, POLOs, and windbreakers are in stock all year round, which can meet the needs of customers for quick orders. With years of high-quality custom clothes experience and good reputation, Ingor has successfully established long-term, good and stable cooperative relations with many well-known enterprises. Choose Ingor to ensure your customized quality, contact online customer service, and start your group clothing customization!
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