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by:INGOR SPORTSWEAR     2022-09-07
[Which brands of sportswear manufacturer are better] Our living standards have improved now. When we buy things, we not only pursue affordable prices and superior quality, but also consider the brand factor more often, just like when we buy bags, If LV sells 2000, we will feel that it is a bargain. If an unknown brand sells for 200, we will feel expensive. When we buy clothes, we also like to wear some brands. So, which brands of sportswear are better? Follow me below to find out! (Sports uniforms) What brand of sportswear manufacturer is better? We can understand it in three directions, namely international big names, domestic big names and brands in the group buying field. The international first-line brand sportswear mainly includes: Nike, NIKE is a world-renowned sports brand, the English original means the Greek goddess of victory, and the Chinese translation is Nike. Adidas: adidas is a German sporting goods manufacturer and a member company of Adidas AG. Reebok Reebok, Puma PUMA, Fila FILA, Mizuno Mizuno, Umbro UMBRO, Back to Back KAPPA, Diadona DIADORA, LOTTO and so on. Domestic first-line brand sportswear mainly include: Li Ning, Li Ning company is a household name in China"gymnastic prince"The sporting goods company founded by Mr. Li Ning in 1990. Anta,"Anta"translate in greek as"Mother Earth". It reflects an extremely broad mind and dedication to the world and human beings. 361 degrees, Xtep, Peak, Noble Bird, Jordan and so on. The main brands of sportswear in the field of group buying include: Ingor , a company specializing in team sportswear manufacturer, founded in 2009, provides team clothing for countless sports games, and is a brand merchant focusing on cost performance and sales services. Related recommendation: Badminton uniform customization
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