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by:INGOR SPORTSWEAR     2022-05-11
shockproof sports bra

Shockproof sports bra is a bra that is convenient for women to engage in sports or fitness activities to protect the chest from injury and avoid embarrassment caused by unsightly appearance.

Modern women have the painful experience of exercising to lose weight, mainly through the following processes:

The first stage: I want to lose weight in my heart, but I have been undecided. I see the body sculpting effect released by social platforms such as Douyin and Kuaishou, and I feel beautiful, and I wish I would become a beauty soon.

The second stage: serious weight loss starts with serious exercise, starting from the same style of sportswear manufacturer of Internet celebrities/stars, imagining that you are as beautiful as them, oh, yes, sports accessories are also a must, water bottle, towel, hair band , bags, etc., seeing the equipment is like seeing the skinny self.

Stage 3: Research which type of exercise is suitable for you, research the sports app and download it to your mobile phone, then put on the sports equipment, follow the app to learn (take a photo), the last step, capture the most beautiful sports style and send it to the circle of friends, pretending to have lost weight several kilograms.

Stage 4: I did not lose a pound after exercising for two days. It is too unreasonable and definitely has loopholes. It is my fault that I did not find a professional fitness coach for guidance. Pick one out of a hundred. After paying for the registration for private lessons, wear beautiful fitness clothes and take a selfie. Zhang Fa Moments: Going to the gym!

Therefore, whether you want to lose weight or engage in other physical activities, a shock-resistant sports bra is a must. The sports bra produced and sold by ingorsports has good sweat absorption and breathability, allowing you to enjoy sports while protecting your health to achieve the effect of killing two birds with one stone.

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