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by:INGOR SPORTSWEAR     2022-08-27
Which brand of cycling sportswear is good? It seems that there are very few professional cycling sportswear on the market. General sportswear manufacturer is only suitable for amateur riding, not for professional riders. So which brand should we choose to buy professional cycling sportswear? (Customized volleyball clothing) The biggest feature of professional cycling clothing is that it pays attention to protection, fit and comfort. The improved polyester fabric not only has high strength, but also has good elasticity, extensibility, wear resistance, and is durable; Moreover, using capillary action, it has good air permeability and perspiration, which can quickly discharge a large amount of sweat and keep the body surface dry. There are few such professional clothing in the general pedestrian streets on the market. We need to go to the area specializing in sports products to find them. The main brands of bicycle sportswear are Jieku, Giant, sobike, Medida, cnn car clothing, jaggad, etc. , each has its own merits, and the landlord can purchase it according to his own preferences, grades and tastes. The editor personally recommends jaggad, it has many styles, moderate prices, and good quality and reputation. There are men's and women's cycling jerseys, and there are also unisex (universal wear). Summer, spring and autumn cycling tops and winter fleece jerseys. Cycling pants include cycling trousers, cycling shorts, and cycling underwear. There are also cycling accessories such as cycling gloves and cycling wristbands to choose from. If you're just looking for amateur cycling wear, then consider Ingor , which specializes in team sportswear manufacturer, group cycling, and Ingor . Related recommendation: Sports meeting uniforms
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