which bra is bust for bouncing?

by:INGOR SPORTSWEAR     2019-10-09
Big breasts mean bigger sales.
An advertisement with an advantage
The size model transferred her bra for worshiping me four times more than her skinny friend starred in the event.
But how much support does the high street bra really give to those who have a bigger chest?
We had Katie muehead of 36 dd and 14 jump on the space hopper and rate the support, comfort and style of each Hopper.
Below is the performance of the big bra in the ultimate bounce test.
Katie said: \"It\'s really beautiful and supportive.
Sometimes the bra will sacrifice the style for comfort, but this one has everything.
\"This is one of the most expensive hotels, but in terms of price, it is far less supportive than other hotels,\" Katie said . \"
\"It\'s a good push without wires --
But no support was provided.
\"I never felt like I was going to pop up,\" Katie said.
\"This one is very comfortable and very smooth, so I can put it under a tighter top.
Beautiful and supportive.
Katie said: \"There is absolutely no padding, so there is no support even if there is a big cup.
It feels like a mini bra.
\"It\'s not very flattering, but it might be great for a bigger depression.
\"It feels really comfortable, but it\'s still female and beautiful,\" says Katie.
\"But despite the large cups and thick straps, it didn\'t give me much support as I hoped.
\"The bra was beautiful, but I did feel the wardrobe was faulty,\" Katie said.
\"Neither the gym nor the space hopper.
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