Whether to wear underwear or not to wear it, you will regret it if you don't read it

by:INGOR SPORTSWEAR     2022-05-31
Whether to wear underwear or not to wear it, you will regret it if you don't read it

Underwear has always had two different views since its birth. People who like it believe that underwear not only protects women's health but also improves their self-confidence. Those who don't like it hold the opposite attitude, believing that underwear binds the breasts, and women's long-term wearing will affect their health and confine their bodies while limiting their pursuit of freedom.

In general, the main points of view against wearing underwear are as follows:
1. Aesthetic reasons
Underwear covers up the perfect figure given to you by God, destroying your natural figure. Pursue the beauty of the original ecology.
2. Comfort reasons
Wearing underwear feels that the body is bound and cannot move freely. Wearing underwear for a long time will also compress the chest and cause poor blood circulation, which is not conducive to physical health.
3. Temperature reasons
This is especially noticeable during the hot summer season. The weather is sultry, coupled with the fact that the underwear cannot breathe in time, some people are even more disgusted by this.
4. Personality reasons

Modern people, especially young people, like to pursue the feeling of freedom without restraint. They think that underwear bounds the body and imprisons their pursuit of the concept of freedom.

In fact, the above ideas about underwear are all one-sided or wrong. Because sticking to underwear has these benefits:
Benefit 1:
It can effectively protect women's breasts from accidental injury, especially when women are engaged in sports or fitness.
2. Avoid sagging
As we all know, under the influence of gravity and physiological factors, women's breasts will inevitably sag when they reach a certain age, which is a normal phenomenon. However, it affects the appearance more or less. With the protection of underwear, it can effectively avoid the embarrassment of body deformation caused by sagging breasts, and now the styles and styles of underwear are very good-looking, which helps women increase their self-confidence.
3. Keep warm and prevent bacterial invasion

In the past, a large part of the raw materials of underwear were mainly made of sponge, which can play a good role in keeping warm. With the advancement of science and technology and the improvement of craftsmanship, more and more highly active materials are applied to underwear products. For example, nylon, spandex, modal, etc. are also very breathable. Wearing underwear made of these materials will make you not feel particularly stuffy in hot summer. In addition, especially during pregnancy, underwear can effectively prevent all kinds of bacteria from invading the female body. Therefore, choosing to wear underwear still has more advantages than disadvantages.

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