Where to find custom seamless underwear manufacturers, ingor knitting can help you

by:INGOR SPORTSWEAR     2022-05-22
Where to find custom seamless underwear manufacturers, ingorsports can help you

Guangzhou ingorsports is a manufacturer of customized seamless underwear, specializing in the production of all kinds of seamless garments including seamless underwear. After 20 years of accumulation, Fan Xueer series seamless underwear has become more and more popular among female consumers. Like and trust. The company's seamless panties feature a stretchy, elasticated cuff that fits people of all waist sizes. Italian advanced weaving machines are exquisitely sewn with fine needles and threads, avoiding possible defects and hidden dangers that may exist by manual labor. The trouser legs are edged with timeless lace for a sexy allure.

Seamless underwear is a piece of synthetic underwear processed by machine through high pressure technology without manual sewing. The most obvious difference between the two underwear compared to the traditional production method is that there is no sewing thread. It is because of this difference that seamless panties are more elastic and more comfortable to wear.

The crotch of the seamless panty is made of imported Lycra cotton fabric, which is antibacterial and breathable, and protects the privacy part during the subsequent processing. The whole panty is made of spandex and nylon, which is comfortable and breathable. Also available in 5-6 colors, this panty is also non-shrinking, non-pilling and will never fade. Fashionable and fashionable for personal wear or as a gift for female friends are a good choice.

Vancher's seamless panties were fully considered at the beginning of the design, and were tailored to fit the waist with reference to ergonomic principles. This underwear can modify the curve of the buttocks well, naturally raise the buttocks, and show the beautiful buttocks. Avoid the problems and embarrassment of regular panties, allowing you to match any skirt or trousers however you want. ingorsports is a seamless underwear manufacturer that provides OEM and customized services, and sincerely looks forward to your patronage.

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