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Where can I order sports work clothes in Guangzhou? -Ingor Sportswear

by:INGOR SPORTSWEAR     2022-09-19
Where can I order sports work clothes in Guangzhou? Ingor Sportswear produces a variety of work clothes with different personalities. Ingor Sportswear can meet your needs according to your needs. Ingor Sportswear pays attention to your quality of life and contributes the most suitable work clothes to you. Your most awaited work clothes products and common sense questions: where is the best custom work clothes, where is the best custom work clothes, where is the best for advertising shirts, where is the best for civilized shirts, where is the best for promotional clothes, your waiting is worthy of your trust. Here, share some cloth. Therefore, you have more and better knowledge of clothing fabrics. Ingor Sportswear has excellent cooperative relations with major fabric suppliers, and the fabrics are all-level and diverse. Ingor Sportswear Workwear Fabric 1: Cotton cotton is breathable, and appeals to weak wetness and is comfortable to wear, but has a major disadvantage of wrinkling, abrasion and deformation after washing. However, 60% cotton + 40% polyester will not wrinkle deformation and simple. Usually 35% cotton and 65% cotton, polyester blend. pure cotton“really good”The strength of polyester fiber not only maintains high elasticity and excellent recovery properties, but also is known for its rapid drying with the characteristic of wet cotton, simple dyeing, and washing iron fiber. It is called Victoria Moist Cotton, which has good transparency and lacks intelligence and sensitivity. Ingor Sportswear Workwear Fabric 2: Polyester is exceptionally polyester, its largest elastic fiber is weaker than any other, weaker and better abrasion resistance, not only fiber fastness to textile fabrics is 3 to 4 times than other fabrics, stiff, not easy to deform,“iron“Good reputation; wet appearance lacks very poor use of textile fabrics to wear on the body, disgust, tightness. In addition, the fiber surface is smooth, the cohesion between the fibers is poor, and the conflict between the cabbage is usually slightly fluffed. Ingor Sportswear Workwear Fabric 3: Chiffon is cool and soft to the touch, making it rich, flexible, clear, beautiful and elegant, with excellent breathability and drape, elegant and comfortable to wear.
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