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by:INGOR SPORTSWEAR     2022-09-13
What style of sportswear looks good this year? Everyone has their own wardrobe, because everyone has different hobbies and tastes, so the varieties and styles of clothes are not the same. Whether you like sports or not, basically everyone has a set of sportswear, so the question is, what style of sportswear will look good this year? Let's not rush to answer this question first, let's first understand most of the sports clothing for football, basketball, and radio gymnastics. and casual wear have always been the leader in the apparel market and are widely favored by consumers. is more sought after by young people because of its comfort and convenience, and has a large market among those who love outdoor sports. . What style of sportswear looks good? In fact, there is no answer to this question, because everyone's body is different, so the best-looking sportswear style should be the most suitable for you. The style of sportswear that suits you is good-looking. 1. Those with thick thighs or calves should wear straight or dark-colored casual sports suits. If you wear leg warmers, you can tie them on the ankles. Never flatten it up to the thigh. Because it will look like legs. 2. People with flat chests can wear sportswear with lace necklines, and they should wear brighter colors, which will make them look plump. 3. People with large buttocks should wear fitness sportswear manufacturer with particularly high legs, a belt to divert others' attention to the waist, and a pair of black or dark blue tights. This can cover up the embarrassment of the larger buttocks. 4. People who are too thin can wear brightly colored horizontal strips, and then use decorations such as belts to emphasize the waist. Because the striped clothing has the effect of making people look fat. The above are just a few suggestions on what styles of sportswear look good for people with four body types. If you want to know more about what styles of sportswear look good, please continue to pay attention to Ingor basketball clothing custom manufacturers, Ingor sportswear editor Will continue to share with friends in future articles.
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