What skills do you have in choosing yoga clothes?

by:INGOR SPORTSWEAR     2020-01-14
When practicing yoga, a loose and comfortable dress allows the body to move freely, avoiding your body and breathing restrictions, relaxing your body and mind, and feeling good, get into yoga more quickly. The soft and fit professional yoga suit fluctuates with the bending of the body movements, and the tightness is moderate, which shows your elegant temperament. Clothing is a manifestation of culture and a manifestation of style. It makes the inner body of yoga between movement and movement. Nowadays, there are more and more diversified clothes suitable for sports on the market. The texture, style, style, color and style are different. Everyone can choose their favorite clothes according to their own preferences, but yoga is a kind of gentle and stretching, focus on the fitness method, so in the choice of clothes, it is recommended to refer to the following points: Texture: mainly cotton or hemp fabric, because cotton or hemp has good air permeability, sweat absorption and softness, it will not make your body feel nervous. In addition, you can also choose to add some Lycra material to the cotton fabric, mainly to increase the elasticity of the clothes. Style: simple, generous and agile. Don't have too many ornaments on your clothes (Especially metal) Bring or tie to prevent Chrome from causing unnecessary damage. The limbs should be stretched freely and the whole body should not feel bound. Style: the cuffs of the jacket should not be tied, so it is advisable to open it naturally; The trousers should be elastic or tied, because there are some supine movements in yoga, and the tight mouth can prevent the trouser legs from falling. Winter clothing is mainly trousers and long clothes. Summer to duan yi ku mainly can be equipped with trousers. Color: Try to choose fresh and elegant colors, with pure colors as the best, so that your visual nerves can relax and calm yourself down quickly. Don't let the color jump too much and stick your eyes. Try not to wear the color that makes you excited while practicing yoga. Style: to highlight personality, you can choose clothing with Indian national style, loose and natural, and wear a sense of elegance and freedom; There is also a modern style of fitness clothing, which is tight and elastic, and can also set off a beautiful body. It is more appropriate to practice high-temperature yoga. You can choose according to your own preferences. Quantity: yoga clothing should generally be prepared for more than two sets so that we can replace them in time, especially for high-temperature yoga. However, it should be mentioned that for the ancient yoga practice, we think we should always wear the same dress instead of cleaning when practicing yoga, which will help yoga practice. Of course, this is very difficult for us modern people, so we don't recommend it, just as knowledge. In short, when practicing yoga, let your body have no external constraints, stretch freely, and yoga clothes that can bring you peace and relaxation are the first choice.
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