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by:INGOR SPORTWEAR     2022-09-10
When we buy clothes, especially when buying T-shirts, the most common thing we encounter is the size of the clothes. Among them, some of the sizes that we don’t see often, such as 3xl, etc., then what is the size of xxxl? do you know? A brief introduction to the size of xxxl We all know that S is a small size, M is a medium size, and L is a large size, so what size is xxxl? The size of clothing produced according to different standards is different. The general casual sportswear manufacturer will be larger than usual, while the Korean version of slim fit will appear smaller, so about the size, some say l, xl, etc., and some are Just say 165, 170, etc. Men's xxxl and women's xxxl represent different sizes. There are few women's xxxl sizes on the market, except for some basketball sportswear manufacturer. Women's pants and women's tops are also different sizes. So when we choose clothes, we must choose according to our body data, not blindly choose according to the size. What is the size of xxxl today? The full English name of xxxl code is EXTRAEXTRAEXTRA LARGE, which is what we often call the extra large size, which is three sizes larger than the large size. It is equivalent to the gap between S size and plus size. Size xxxl corresponds to a bust of 100 cm and a height of 180 cm.
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