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What's the difference between summer sportswear and winter sportswear?

by:INGOR SPORTSWEAR     2022-09-06
In the cold winter, we wear more clothes, so the loss of sportswear in normal times will be relatively small. In the hot summer, our activity will increase a lot, so whether it is the loss of physical strength or the loss of sportswear is relatively large. If we compare the summer sportswear and winter sportswear of enterprise employees, it is not difficult to find that the wear degree of summer sportswear is obviously much more serious than that of winter sportswear. People who often wear sportswear at work know that the summer style of sportswear is different from the winter style. The style and production requirements of summer sportswear are generally relatively high. Therefore, when enterprises customize sportswear, the quality of summer sportswear is often It will be much better, what is the specific reason, let's analyze it together. It is for the above reasons that companies generally use cotton fabrics of better quality in the selection of summer sportswear fabrics. The sportswear produced in this way can not only have a very good sweat-absorbing and breathable effect, but also be more wear-resistant. , corporate employees are also very comfortable to wear. Ingor is a manufacturer specializing in sportswear with 19 years of industry experience. It produces high-quality sportswear manufacturer and customizes sportswear for governments, schools, and enterprises. It is your most trusted sports group purchase brand!
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