what motivates women to workout

by:INGOR SPORTSWEAR     2019-10-18
In 2007, Melanie Becker was in the best shape of her life.
After 12 months and a few kilograms, she found herself in need of buying sports gear to support the curvier frame.
\"I am a typical modern woman, shuttling between work, family and friends, trying to make time for myself.
But when I do some sports, I think it looks and feels sexy.
\"After a few weeks of frustrating and unsuccessful shopping, Melanie Baker was surprised to find that not only is it impossible to find comfortable and flattering gear above the 14 th,, how ironic it is to claim that brands selling health products use models that do not represent healthy weight.
Kaitlyn Reid, author of health and city, dietitian, sports psychologist, said the importance of wearing good quality sportswear is often underestimated: \"Comfort, supportive and stylish sportswear has enough coverage for your wobbly parts, which can help you stay motivated and confident during your workout.
You are more likely to want to exercise when you feel good.
Lifelong women prepare sportswear for women of all shapes and sizes, so women do not have to wait until they are in good health to exercise.
\"In fact, in a recent online survey, lifelong women found that while 87% of women are more motivated to stay active when they are comfortable and flattering, more than 51% of women found it difficult to find, and more than 62% stopped exercising at some point because their gear was too uncomfortable.
So Melanie decided to do something.
She quit her desk job and started \"women\" for life-an active clothing brand for real women with a real curve.
\"We should feel beautiful, especially when we exercise,\" Melanie said, \"That\'s why I created women for life and made women look and feel when they exercise
She seems to have done a very good job so far: \"I received my new gym clothes and was very, very pleased with them and your service!
I know these clothes are designed by a woman for a woman\'s body.
I love the pants, they make me feel slim and don\'t give me muffins, the sports top makes me stand high and feel supported, the comfortable but super backed bra top is hard to take off --
I want to stay in all day!
I can\'t believe my fitness suit is now one of my most confident and beautiful outfits!
Thank you very much-
I hope your products will benefit more women!
\"~ LivCatering is between the 6 th and the 20 th, and plans to expand to the 24 th by mid-2011, where women are full of positive and confident about your body.
Customers can browse their gorgeous styles according to size, color and body shape.
Their online environment is friendly, supportive, easy to use and provides workout tips for shoppers.
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