What kind of sportswear suits girls look good on?

by:INGOR SPORTSWEAR     2022-09-05
Because of the loose style of sportswear suits, MMs are worried about being fat when wearing them, and fat MMs are even more troubled. In fact, as long as the collocation is reasonable, sportswear is not picky, no matter if you are fat or thin, you can wear it. Girls should first choose black with a sense of contraction in the color of sportswear manufacturer suits. Black is the most ideal color for obese girls, but immutable black is not very popular. Add some milky white lace decorations to the black sports skirt. The effect will be very different. (Tennis suits) Sports suits come in many colors, bright, light, dark, and so on. The color of the general sportswear suit can be selected according to your own preferences, but also depends on the season. Under normal circumstances, it is better to wear lighter colors in hot weather and darker colors in winter. In terms of warm colors of clothing, don't always think that bright-colored sportswear manufacturer suits are not worn by fat people, as long as they are properly matched, they are also very brilliant! For example: choose a bright white and orange v-neck T-shirt for the upper body, and match a dark blue-green and dark blue loose sweatpants or sports skirt below. Others will involuntarily look at the bright-colored tops without paying attention You are fat. Some simple strategies for girls in choosing the color and style of sportswear suits: suits: street-style dresses, which have the taste of sports and leisure as soon as they are worn. Full of HIPHOP, the leopard-print long-sleeved T-shirt shows a bit of decadence, and the lower body is matched with blue sweatpants. Coupled with the baseball cap, the youthful energy infects everyone around. The slim fit suit with contrasting color stitching does not show the shadow of sportswear at all. The fashionable and energetic appearance is comparable to the charming and charming dress on weekdays. (Table tennis sportswear) Skirts: Who said sportswear suits can only be trousers, just look at the heroic female tennis player on the tennis court who can wear a miniskirt with ease. The elastic knitted short skirt with hip wraps not only shows the figure but also facilitates movement. The matching hooded sweater incorporates fashionable hollow elements, which is youthful and charming, and even more lovable. Fabric: Pleated design with long sleeves for icing on the cake. A white dolman-sleeved sports top with a full sense of design, with a light gray skirt and gray Womens sports leggings, is fresh and playful, and the casual feeling brings a full sense of relaxation to yourself and others. Breathable and easy-drying fabric, easy to deal with indoor sports or outdoor leisure. Glossy but not dazzling fluorescent blue, with excellent favorability, paired with calm gray, it creates an elegant and calm noble temperament. (Badminton clothing group purchase) Color tone: short sportswear manufacturer, white long tee inside, mid-waist straight-leg pants, slim and perfectly proportioned. The postmark-like white letter print becomes the only decoration on the body, which is clean and conspicuous against the light green. Candy color is not enough to taste, but color matching is trendy enough! The new bright lemon yellow and sky blue collide together, and there are also colorful contrasting hat straps, which completely get rid of the old-fashioned look of sportswear manufacturer suits, and the tailoring that is self-cultivating but not tightly wrapped is the most suitable match for young girls. The tender green brings the opportunity of rebirth in mature autumn, which makes people surprised by the vitality of clothing and the vitality of sports.
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