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by:INGOR SPORTSWEAR     2022-08-30
How to choose yoga clothes? What kind of fabric is good for yoga sports clothing? The following editor will introduce the fabrics commonly used in 4 yoga sportswear manufacturer for you! clothing fabric: At present, the most common yoga clothing on the market is viscose fabric, because its price and comfort are the best ratio. Of course, the material of bamboo fiber material is really good, but it is a little expensive, because it is a pure natural environmental protection product. Since we only wear it when we practice yoga, if it can meet our various requirements when practicing yoga, I think it is a pretty good yoga clothes. In terms of cost performance, I personally think the viscose material is quite comfortable. Yes, and the price is moderate, around one or two hundred. What kind of fabric should I choose for yoga clothes for women sportswear manufacturer? Breathability and perspiration of yoga clothes for women clothes: exercise will perspire a lot, which is also the key to choosing yoga to detoxify and reduce fat. The choice of fabrics with good perspiration can help sweat to discharge, so that the skin is not eroded by toxic substances contained in sweat; fabrics with good air permeability, when sweat is discharged, the clothes will not be close to the skin, reducing discomfort. (Track and field suit) suit comfort: The length of the top of the yoga suit ensures that the belly button is not exposed. The belly button is the dantian. If the door as important as the belly button is exposed to the outside to blow air-conditioning (even if it is natural wind), it is not suitable for those who pay attention to health. Say, it's all bad. Therefore, it is recommended that everyone, whether you wear a longer top or a higher trousers, be sure to cover your belly button. The waist and abdomen should not be restrained. It is best to choose pants with a drawstring, and the length and elasticity can be adjusted. Advanced yoga practitioners need to do inversion exercises and choose a better one to close their legs. 1. Polyester imitation deerskin fabric is one of the new polyester fabrics. It is made of fine denier or ultra-fine denier polyester fiber as raw material, and is specially processed to form a polyester suede fabric with fine short piles on the fabric base fabric, which is called imitation deerskin. Fabrics are generally based on non-woven fabrics, woven fabrics, and knitted fabrics. It has the characteristics of soft texture, fine, plump and elastic fluff, rich hand feeling, firm and durable style. There are three common types of artificial high-grade deerskin, artificial high-quality deerskin and artificial ordinary deerskin. Suitable for women's clothing, high-end dresses, jackets, suit tops, etc. 2. Polyester imitation silk fabrics are made of polyester filaments or staple fiber yarns with circular and irregular cross-sections. They are polyester fabrics with a silk appearance. They have the advantages of low price, wrinkle resistance and no ironing, and are very popular among consumers. Common varieties are: polyester silk, polyester crepe, polyester satin, polyester georgette, polyester interwoven silk, etc. These varieties have the elegant drape, smooth, soft and pleasing to the eyes of silk fabrics, and at the same time, they have the rigidity, wear resistance, easy washing and no ironing of polyester fabrics. In order to overcome this shortcoming, more new polyester fabrics have come out, such as high hygroscopic polyester fabric is one of them. (Nowadays, this new type of functional fabric is widely used in the manufacture of sports, outdoor and fitness clothing, and this new type of fabric plus Lycra fiber is used in yoga clothing) 3. Polyester hemp-like fabric is currently the most popular clothing material in the international clothing market One, it is made of polyester or polyester/viscose strong twisted yarn into plain weave or raised weave fabric, which has the dry feel and appearance style of hemp fabric. For example, the thin imitation hemp Molik is not only rough in appearance, dry in hand, but also comfortable and cool to wear. Therefore, it is very suitable for the production of summer shirts and skirts. (Gymnastic clothes) 4. Polyester wool-like fabrics are made of polyester filaments such as polyester elastic yarn, polyester network yarn or polyester yarn with various special-shaped sections as raw materials, or use medium-length polyester staple fiber and medium-length viscose or medium-length The woolen-style fabrics woven from acrylic blended with acrylic fibers are called worsted wool-like fabrics and medium-length wool-like fabrics, and their prices are lower than those of similar woolen fabrics. It not only has the characteristics of woolen wool, which is full and bulky, and has good elasticity, but also has the characteristics of polyester, which is firm and durable, easy to wash and dry, flat and crisp, not easy to deform, not easy to fluff, pilling and so on. Common varieties are: polyester elastic serge, polyester elastic gabardine, polyester elastic tweed, polyester network silk spun wool fabric, polyester viscose mid-length tweed, polyester nitrile hidden tweed, etc. Tips: When choosing a yoga suit, it is mainly to let your body have no external constraints and stretch freely, which can bring you peace and relaxation.
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