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by:INGOR SPORTSWEAR     2022-09-02
What kind of fabric is used for elastic fitness sportswear Fitness sportswear manufacturer is basically only suitable for wearing in the gym or practicing yoga clothes for women, not suitable for other occasions, so we do not need to buy brand-name elastic fitness sportswear at a high price, we only need to pay attention to Quality and wearing comfort are fine, but don't be as haphazard as buying loose-fitting clothing like basketball jerseys. Because the elastic fitness sportswear is close-fitting, it must have the most perfect wearing comfort, and the performance of moisture absorption, sweat absorption, breathability and warmth must meet the standard of tight clothing. Although cotton fiber fitness sportswear has the best hygroscopicity, after this type of fabric fully absorbs sweat and reaches a saturated state, due to the lack of the function of emitting moisture to the outside, the clothes will become wet and the human body will feel sticky. Goofy, because the stretch fitness sportswear made of cotton fibers is extremely uncomfortable to wear. Therefore, it is generally made of fabrics composed of various types of fibers. Just like cotton, natural fibers can be said to be good friends of fitness personnel. This kind of clothing fabric has excellent ventilation performance, soft texture and remarkable sweat absorption function. It can be spun into ultra-fine yarns to make different elastic fitness sportswear. Cotton stretch gym apparel also has many disadvantages. Because its water absorption is too strong, when it absorbs a lot of water, it is difficult to dry quickly, just like an athlete wearing a wet suit, it is easy for the athlete's body temperature to drop, resulting in a cold or a cold. Secondly, the sweat accumulates together to form a water film, so that the texture of the sports suit cannot be breathed and breathed very well, which will allow the sweat to breed a lot of bacteria. Another point is that cotton sportswear is easier to shrink, and will lead to deformation and hardening after long-term use. The wear resistance of this type of clothing fabric is also relatively poor, and it is easier to rot if it is torn with force. If it is dyed with organic pollutants, it is very Difficult to clean. In comparison, the advantages of elastic fitness sportswear made of man-made fiber fabrics are more prominent. They are tough and wear-resistant, soft in texture, and shiny and elastic. Will not deform and fade. The breathability of the fabric weaving mechanism is very good if it meets the requirements. So are there any disadvantages to this type of sportswear suit? Of course not, its water absorption is relatively poor. Therefore, when we choose elastic fitness sportswear, we should choose the advantages of the above two kinds of fabrics, depending on which one we pay attention to, and secondly, according to the intensity of our exercise, try to choose the elastic fitness sportswear that suits you. Don't let the clothes get in the way of the movement itself.
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