What kind of clothing is suitable for customizing with cotton and linen fabrics? -Ingor Sportswear

by:INGOR SPORTSWEAR     2022-09-20
What kind of clothing is suitable for cotton and linen fabrics? Cardigans, shirts, mini skirts, small suits, etc. can all be customized with cotton and linen fabrics. Let Ingor Sportswear Xiaobian introduce it to you. As the most basic clothing fabric, the biggest advantage of cotton and linen clothing is freedom. Usually, the common choice of cotton and linen clothing is a detailed and revolving design, and the overall personality is compared with leisure literature and art. This is influenced by the elements of traditional civilization. Because cotton and linen are the most common fabrics for mass clothing in ancient China, and it is also a civilization that has been deposited in thousands of years of history, so most of today's cotton and linen-based plans are invoking tradition. express ideas in style. Originally, cotton and linen tailors can also make many styles. Refined innerwear, chic cardigans, shirts, mini skirts, half-sleeved suits with slim fit, etc., cotton and linen are competent. Although the colors of these fabrics are often dominated by natural and cool colors, creamy white, creamy rice, straw brown, oak brown, titanium gold and blue-black, from light to dark, are also very sensitive to matching. This kind of fabric is suitable for showing the graceful lines and figures of ladies, and also has the characteristics of Chinese civilization. At the same time, cotton and linen fabric is also a very suitable fabric for group clothing customization. Cotton and linen always appear together with commoners. In ancient times, cotton and linen were the first choice of the mass society, and it was also a civilization deposited in thousands of years of history, and it was also a representative of energy. In ancient times, commoners could not be beautiful, so those who wore cotton and linen were called commoners. Commoner energy is a belief held by ancient commoner intellectuals. They are not afraid of power, do not confuse God, do not abandon solemnity, and remain alone in doubt, betrayal, and free and unrestrained.“commoner energy”The return of , is also an interpretation of a collision between retro and fashion. When you are walking on the street, the clothes and clothes that occasionally float by will also be refreshing.
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