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by:INGOR SPORTSWEAR     2022-09-17
[How big is the size of sportswear] One of the troubles we often encounter when buying clothes is that we don’t know what size of sportswear is suitable for us. Although we choose according to the size chart given by the manufacturer, it is still very difficult. It is difficult to choose the size that suits you, because we do not understand these concepts very well, such as how big is the S size? (Sports uniforms) How big is the s size? S, M, and L are generally the numbers that represent clothing in the world. They are small, medium, and large, respectively. The numbers that represent clothing are not only the above three numbers, but also xxxs , xxs, xs, xl, xxl and xxxl have a total of 9 yards, they are extra small, extra small, extra small, extra large, extra large and extra large. The size of the clothing corresponding to the clothing size is determined according to the standard height, bust, and waist circumference, but the bust or waist circumference of each person with the same height is not necessarily the same. At this time, you can only choose the number that is closer to yourself.服装码数对应的服装上衣尺寸表如下:男装尺码xxsxssmlxl身高155160165170175180胸围768084889296腰围646872768084女装尺码xxsxssmlxlxxl身高150155160165170175180胸围768084889296100腰围60646872768084服装码数对应的服装尺寸,在中国是用数字来表示的,国际上服装的The numbers S, M, and L can be converted into Chinese clothing yards. The conversion of women's pants is as follows: XXS——150——25 Fits 1'8 Waist XS——155——26 suitable for 1 foot 9 waist S——160——27 The conversion situation for men's pants with a 2-foot waist is as follows: XXS——160——27 Fits 2 feet waist XS——165——28 suitable for 2 feet 1 waist S——165——29 The conversion method of clothing size suitable for 2 feet 2 waist in China and international, such as women's pants, the international S size is equal to the Chinese size 27, suitable for women with a 2-foot waist; men's pants, the international S size is equal to the Chinese size 29 , suitable for men with a 2'2 waist. The above is an introduction to the size of the sportswear manufacturer s size. If you don't know it yet, just write it down. It will be very helpful for your online shopping in the future. (Casual sportswear) Related recommendation: What is the m size of sportswear
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