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by:INGOR SPORTSWEAR     2022-09-14
As long as we have bought sportswear manufacturer, we all know that, in general, the inner lining of sportswear will have a layer of net, some may not be net, but a thin layer of nylon fabric, then we will ask, sportswear What is the role of this network? It can neither keep warm nor windproof, so why add an extra layer of net? Ingor has the answer for you today. (Climbing sportswear) In fact, this is a humanized design of the designer. is designed for people who exercise. It is easy to generate heat during exercise. Otherwise, static electricity will stick to the body, and the clothes will stand up after the net is added, and the shape is better. If you sweat, it is uncomfortable to be separated by a net, and if the clothes are not strong enough, it is easy to tear. This layer of mesh in the sportswear can prevent sweat from absorbing the body, mainly to give you a loose feeling, so that it is more comfortable to exercise, and there is no sense of restraint. If it is intense exercise, then this layer of mesh is even more needed, which can separate the friction between the body and the clothes, and is not easy to cause skin damage. It also protects the fabric of the clothes, which can increase the service life of the clothes. Recommended: group clothing customization
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