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What is a light version of the football jersey? _What is the meaning of light version football jersey - Ingor Sportswear

by:INGOR SPORTSWEAR     2022-09-20
[Light version of football uniforms] When we buy football uniforms, the numbers and teams are basically already printed. Most fans also like whichever team they like, so they buy whichever team's football uniforms, but if it is their own class or team needs What should I do when I order a football uniform? Then you need to buy a light version of the football uniform. (Group purchase of football uniforms) What does light version football uniforms mean? A bare cricket jersey is a jersey without a number printed on it. All jerseys are not printed with numbers when they leave the factory. If you want to add numbers, you can go to the after-sales service and print your favorite numbers. This football jersey does not have any team logo or culture, that is, the basic version of a football jersey. From the logo to the number, the above elements need to be redesigned by us. The light version of the football uniform is very suitable for team customization, because it does not contain any team attributes, so it is easy to design a football uniform that truly belongs to our own team. Related recommendation: Sports meeting uniforms
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