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by:INGOR SPORTSWEAR     2022-08-27
We often buy all kinds of clothes, especially girls. We buy clothes almost every month, but we regret buying them. Many of them are bought on a whim, especially online shopping. The pictures on the website are very beautiful. , and inviting beautiful models to try it on, it gives people the illusion that they are also very beautiful when they wear them, and they are greatly disappointed after buying them. The following editors share some details that need to be paid attention to when buying sports clothing. When we buy sportswear, we need to look at three aspects, namely brand, fabric and price. (Sweatpants wholesale) brand: Many people are obsessed with a brand, and most sportswear is also this brand. Therefore, there is no need to say more about sportswear brands, just buy what you like. . If you don’t have a favorite brand, I recommend Ingor , a 19-year-old sportswear custom-made company, specializing in the production of team sportswear. The materials are excellent and the workmanship is fine. It is very suitable for teams such as sports meeting appearance ceremonies. Active wear. fabrics: The most commonly used sportswear fabrics are polyester fabrics, icy silk, and cotton. The popular bamboo charcoal fibers in recent years are also very sportswear. We can choose according to the characteristics of various fabrics. Bamboo charcoal fibers will be more expensive, but Value for money, icy silk is very cool to wear, and has a significant moisture wicking function. It is also a common fabric in summer. Most of Ingor 's sportswear suits also use this fabric. Price: Price is always a factor we need to consider because budget ultimately determines what brand and type of sportswear manufacturer we buy. So when buying sportswear, you must pay attention to what your budget is, and then go to find a suitable manufacturer or store. Related recommendation: Guangzhou sportswear suit brand customization manufacturer
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