What color clothes go with stockings_How to match stockings

by:INGOR SPORTSWEAR     2022-09-09
What color tops go with stockings? Stockings are an essential artifact for every beauty-loving woman. Wearing them is not only thin, but also very sexy. According to survey statistics, there is a difference of about 20% between the same girl wearing stockings and not wearing stockings, which shows how powerful the charm of stockings is. But what color clothes look good with stockings? This is something that many people don't know or have no detailed concept of. They rely entirely on how they feel and how they match the stockings. It's just an experience. So what to wear with stockings? Are there different ways to match different colors of stockings? Looking at the entire market and what girls wear, there are three main colors of stockings, namely black, skin color and gray. Let's talk about how these three colors of stockings look good with what color clothes! How to look good with stockings? The first is black: a short red leather sportswear manufacturer with a high-neck nude bottoming shirt, handsome and sexy. Denim shorts are paired with ankle boots, and the thick-soled strappy ankle boots not only make the lower body more slender, but also bring a powerful momentum. The matching method of shorts and a pair of red shoes is invincible and fashionable for youth, but in winter, it depends on the individual's tolerance. After all, beautiful frozen people are not for everyone. Gray: Gray stockings go well with ladylike dresses, the kind that go down to the knee, tucked in at the waist, sleeveless, and straight down. Short skirts or dresses in different shades of the same color accentuate the overall sense of hierarchy and highlight the intellectual beauty of women. Secondly, you can also try to take the sexy route. Many people think that black stockings are sexy. In fact, gray stockings are still as good as black. You can wear a pair of hot pants and a black upper body with a little hollow. It will look very sexy. At the same time, gray stockings should be avoided with brightly colored clothes and sports hakama. Skin color stockings: This color is generally suitable for students or newcomers in the workplace. For students, it is very suitable to match a short skirt, which looks very youthful and does not feel very charming. For newcomers in the workplace, just wear a professional dress. Well, then the shoes should be mainly black as far as possible, the heel should not be too high, and the toes should not be missed. The above three are the most common ways to match stockings with what color clothes look good.
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