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by:INGOR SPORTSWEAR     2022-09-13
Middle-aged people are not as enthusiastic and energetic as young people. This can be seen from the clothes. Young people like to wear brightly colored and fashionable clothes and pursue personalization, while middle-aged people wear more plain clothes. Mainly dark colors, sportswear is the most common clothing, so what kind of sportswear manufacturer is suitable for middle-aged people? (Basketball sportswear) What brand of sportswear manufacturer is suitable for middle-aged people to wear? In terms of price, NIKE and Adidas are the highest; Reebok, PUMA and KAPPA are slightly lower than NIKE and Adidas, but Converse and Li Ning are obviously cheaper than the former. An ordinary pair of lining pants costs more than 100, and a pair of adidas pants costs at least 300; Converse's cheapest canvas shoes cost more than 100, and Nike's slippers cost more than 200. In terms of style: NIKE emphasizes self, with gorgeous style and many changes; adidas style is rigorous, realistic, overall unified, and has small changes; Reebok emphasizes comfort and pays attention to function; PUMA's style tends to be casual and fashionable; It tends to be casual; converse focuses on the feeling of the street and is a mix of fashion and classics, while linig emphasizes oriental taste and China's own style. About the acquisition: converse was acquired by nike, and reebok was acquired by adidas. About the country: NIKE, American Adidas, German Reebok, British PUMA, German KAPPA, Italian Converse, American Li Ning, China. Ingor has a lot of sportswear suitable for team wear and also suitable for middle-aged people, welcome to order. Related recommendation: Sports meeting uniforms
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