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by:INGOR SPORTSWEAR     2022-09-14
What bag should go with sportswear manufacturer? It can be divided into two occasions to match, one is leisure, the other is sports; it can also be divided into two styles to match, one is a backpack, and the other is a shoulder bag or a handbag. Below, I will discuss with you how to combine these four situations. (Group purchase of sports suits) Leisure Sports Assembly Leisure Bags Now there are many casual styles of sportswear, which are very suitable for wearing in various casual occasions, and the styles are also very beautiful, not like before, only suitable for wearing on the sports field In recent years, sportswear has been continuously adding fashion factors to increase the sense of fashion. In life, sportswear can be seen on more and more occasions. People like to wear sportswear manufacturer, but they don't know what bag should be paired with casual sportswear. The editor thinks that casual sportswear should be paired with a casual type of bag, so that the overall style looks more suitable, but it must be noted that this casual The bag cannot be the kind of bag that is used in formal occasions. It should be a bit sporty, preferably canvas. Sports Assembly Sports bags Carrying bags when going out has become the habit of many people. With the progress of the times, we need to carry more and more things when we go out. Wallets, driver's licenses, keys, mobile phones, etc., if there is no bag to accommodate it, we cannot store it. So what kind of bag is more suitable to wear sportswear? Since many sportswear manufacturer is not only worn when exercising, but also wears sportswear when dating and shopping. Therefore, the choice of bags is also very important. After all, sportswear is worn when exercising. The bag with this kind of sportswear should be a sports bag. Choose brighter colors and more straps. Contrasting colors are appropriate, but remember, do not choose very Weird bags, so although attracting attention, it will give people a sense of nondescript, and the gains outweigh the losses. should be coordinated as a whole when matching sports bags. Sports Assembly Backpacks Backpacks and sportswear are easy to match. If it is a solid-color sportswear, don't choose a bag with a lot of colors when matching a backpack. Two to three colors are appropriate, and the overall style should tend to be Sports, in the choice of style, the editor thinks that it is necessary to choose a bag with a relatively large capacity, and the center of gravity should be high, not loose, giving people a feeling of lack of spirit and procrastination. If the sportswear itself has a lot of colors, then the bag should choose only one color, which can play a very good embellishment role. With a solid-color backpack, the whole will not look too fancy and complement each other. effect. Sports Assembly Shoulder bag Shoulder bag and sportswear are often dressed up by many high school students, which gives people a very young and sunny feeling. If you wear a loose sportswear and a shoulder bag, it will give you People feel like an athlete, because the characters in the hot-blooded basketball are all dressed in this way, so tall people may wish to try. There are two ways to carry the shoulder bag, one is the diagonal way, and the other is the upright way. These two ways of carrying each have their own stickers. We need to try it ourselves and find the best way. The matching method that suits you is the best. Related recommendation: Sports meeting uniforms
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