What aspects should be paid attention to when air is basked in professional cycling jerseys?

by:INGOR SPORTSWEAR     2020-04-20
Professional cycling jerseys can be kept for a long time if brightness is new, for extending the service life of the professional cycling jerseys, there are also very important. Then introduce drying when professional cycling jerseys, should pay attention to? 1, it is best not to exposure in the sun. 2, air to professional cycling jerseys, don't too dry, but should bring water for air. 3, can to professional cycling jerseys in a cool ventilated place dry to work partly, put the weaker the sun to dry. 4, when air is basked in to shake a few times, then professional cycling jerseys of flattening, collar, sleeves, etc, this dry clothes will keep smooth, not ruffle. 5, don't be too thin wire hangers with dry professional cycling jerseys, so easy to deformation, package, it is better to compare with thick plastic hangers. Or you can on the hangers on old towel to clean, in order to increase the thickness of the hangers.
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