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by:INGOR SPORTSWEAR     2022-09-14
[What are the characteristics of sportswear] Many people like to wear sportswear, because sportswear is comfortable, because sportswear is simple and elegant, and because sportswear is suitable for many occasions, it is highly respected by many people, but as ordinary people , Do we know what are the characteristics of sportswear manufacturer? (Climbing sportswear) Introduction to the characteristics of sportswear mostly uses chemical fibers, especially polyester, and polypropylene, which is a water-repellent fiber, and has very little moisture absorption, but through the capillary effect, it can follow the fiber itself. Pores, fiber-to-fiber gaps absorb and conduct moisture. This is a feature of sportswear. The reason why this type of chemical fiber fabric can absorb moisture and perspiration is that after it absorbs sweat, the sweat spreads very quickly and evaporates quickly on the other side of the fabric. In addition to the moisture wicking performance, another reason for the selection of chemical fiber fabrics for sportswear is that such chemical fiber fabrics with special-shaped cross-sections are not easy to fit. When the chemical fiber is processed into a special-shaped section, its own flexural modulus increases, which is another feature of sportswear, so it is not easy to fit after moisture absorption, and it will not make people's skin feel wet. From the perspective of sportswear, first of all, different sports have different requirements for style, color and appearance. Secondly, sportswear should not affect people's movement, and should be able to give full play to people's athletic ability. Therefore, it is necessary to select materials with suitable properties for production according to different sports. The characteristics of sportswear, such as swimming, can use imitation shark skin fabrics; and for cycling, gymnastics, ice skating, and skiing, these sportswear should not only be brightly colored, but also have a certain degree of elasticity. We often see multiple layers of fabrics in the sportswear market, and different layers of fabrics have different functions. In fact, there was a polyester-cotton fabric on the market many years ago, with cotton on the inside and polyester on the outside, to achieve personal comfort. However, the fabrics used for sportswear on the market now reverse the positions of chemical fibers and cotton, with cotton on the outside and chemical fibers on the inside. This is also to enhance moisture absorption and perspiration and dryness. The above is an introduction to the characteristics of sportswear. Related recommendation: Sports meeting uniforms
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