What are the fabrics of yoga clothes?

by:INGOR SPORTSWEAR     2020-05-17
The yoga clothing material mainly viscose, nylon, polyamide fiber, cotton, milk silk, Zui good viscose, and viscose is divided into artificial viscose and natural fiber. Natural viscose, refined out of the wood, called dell, also known as natural ju wood pulp, how much it directly determines the cost of the product and feel. Viscose - — Also called silk, viscose filament rayon, ice. Viscose, cotton or wood fiber as raw material to produce mainly of cellulose fiber, its Zui big characteristic is similar, and some performance of natural cotton such as moisture absorption, breathable, easy dyeing, antistatic and spinning performance, etc. Ice silk, rayon, viscose fiber, viscose filament. Leather is made from natural cotton scientifically refined but become, with good ventilation performance, automatic humidity, sunshine slow warming, etc. Super soft milk silk, super soft milk silk is made from 90% polyester + 10% elastane blends, is received after will go to the water liquid skim milk, milk protein, add soft agent, slurry made from milk, and then through the wet spinning process and scientific processing, made of milk protein fiber, spinning and spinning made further can milk silk fabric. The pure health green dress. Carney Karen is one of the Japanese production of high grade synthetic chemical fiber silk! Japan cotton is made from 95% + spandex 5% viscose blended, cotton feels strong, soft, comfortable, summer wearing more comfortable, very suitable for wear in the summer of yoga practice, unique cotton texture.
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