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What are the commonly used fabrics for men's tight-fitting sportswear?

by:INGOR SPORTSWEAR     2022-08-30
What are the commonly used fabrics for men's tight-fitting sportswear manufacturer? Common men's tight sportswear fabrics are cotton/spandex, nylon, spandex rubber, PVC and LATEX. Let's find out. Which one is more suitable for this kind of clothing. One of the common raw materials for custom-made men's tight-fitting sportswear: spandex coating, this fabric has good brightness, high elasticity, and gives people a great visual impact under the illumination of lights, and is mostly used for stage performances. The disadvantage is that the tight sportswear made of this fabric cannot be washed and is easy to fade. The second common raw material for men's tight-fitting sportswear: cotton/spandex, which is elastic and comfortable to wear and full of movement. Generally, those who are engaged in dancing will be straight-leg slacks with hooks. Perhaps one-piece, nine-point pants. These belong to high-quality spandex pants with a high gloss, smooth hand feel, excellent gloss, good elasticity, and good value for money. There are also matte spandex pants that are not polished, the surface will appear dull, the visual effect is worse than the former, and the feel may be inferior, but the price is slightly cheaper. The third commonly used raw material for custom-made men's tights: PVC, now there are many tights manufacturers that use imported PVC fabrics. The fabric is super shiny. It has a feel, and the thick fabric has good resistance, but the defect is that it is not breathable. In large-scale entertainment events in some European and American countries, many celebrities can be seen wearing them, which are classified as luxury goods. PVC fabric has relatively little elasticity, so tight sportswear manufacturer made of this material must be tailored. Four commonly used materials for men's tight-fitting sportswear customization: LATEX, Chinese name: latex, a new type of tights clothing material, the fabric has strong elasticity and strong shortening force, so it is the best material for manufacturing tights at present, in many western countries. Tights made of latex materials appear in classic sci-fi movies. Because of the airtight and watertight properties of latex materials, latex fabrics can also be used for the processing and manufacturing of products in fitness (fitness clothes, sportswear), swimming (wetsuits, swimming suits), and sentiment (game uniforms). There are several latex clothing manufacturers in China, and the most planned one is Yuxin Fetish. Five commonly used raw materials for custom-made men's tight-fitting sportswear manufacturer: nylon, scientific name polyamide fiber, is the general name of polyamide fibers produced in my country, and is called nylon internationally. High strength, abrasion resistance, good resilience, can be pure and blended for all kinds of clothing and knitwear. The main varieties are nylon 6 and nylon 66, which have similar physical properties. Nylon has better hygroscopicity and dyeability than polyester, is resistant to alkali but not acid, and its fiber strength will be reduced when exposed to sunlight for a long time.‘Gym Pants’. This fabric feels good for tights, but the airtight fabric is more focused, and the price/performance ratio is not high.
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