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What are the advantages of group sportswear group buying? -Ingor Sportswear

by:INGOR SPORTSWEAR     2022-09-06
When we hold group activities, we basically require uniform dress, and sportswear manufacturer is the most suitable kind of clothing. Because of the large number of people, most people will choose the mode of group purchase of sportswear manufacturer. Compared with other purchase modes, group purchases Where is the advantage? The first thing we can think of is the price advantage of group sportswear group buying. Yes, group buying does have a very big price advantage compared to buying in a physical store, because most of them operate a sportswear group buying model. Most of the merchants are integrated with production and sales, that is, manufacturers sell their products directly to consumers without intermediate profits, so the price will be much cheaper. However, because it is the B2C model of manufacturers to consumers, there will be certain requirements on the number of orders. Because enterprises want to survive and develop, there are very few retail sales, but the group purchase model is adopted. Compared with others, the advantage of group sportswear manufacturer group purchase is that the logo or text can be simply printed according to the customer's requirements. This is very important for business units. Because the company logo is printed, it is also a brand for employees to wear out. Exposure is a corporate publicity. The above are two points about the advantages of sportswear group buying.
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