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Wear riding trousers need not to need to wear pants?

by:INGOR SPORTSWEAR     2020-03-28
Everybody during the weekend, often see some couples in scenic spot organization or company colleague go to ride a bike, ride after a period of time, however, riding a long ass is a little pain, and you may think so, that a road lovers every day a long distance is more frightening. Even some friends will have such a question? In cycling shorts, need not to need to wear underwear and other problems? Below small make up to introduce the relative knowledge of cycling shorts. 1, the design aspects of cycling shorts; We all know, riding pants wearing is very tight, tight design is beneficial to ride the wind resistance is reduced, the thigh moves up and down, reduce the friction inner thighs and saddle, protect the thigh skin from scratch. 2, the fabrics of cycling shorts; Most USES is lycra elastic fabric, which is beneficial to package the muscles of the hips, thighs, and has certain functions to protect the movement muscle. 3, cycling shorts in mat design; Is generally the use of special material, can appropriate shock absorption, diffusion pressure distribution, reduce cycling discomfort and oppressive feeling, can effectively guide and heat dissipation, send out sweat. General in the cycling jerseys cushion has the following two categories: ( 1) , high pressure sponge cushion: its upper surface perforated COOLMAX cloth, sponge cushion layer, middle the underlying COOLMAX perforated fabric composition. Its advantages for the cushion fabric with air holes, can guarantee you ride PP dry for a long time. Disadvantages relative slants thin, cycling long after PP hurts, recommend short bike ride and cycling in summer. ( 2) , professional silicone cushion, also is a kind of common cushion, it consists of surface layer brushed fabric, inner sponge cushion layer, middle silica gel layer, the lower sponge cushion layer, the underlying raised five layer compound and into. Its advantage is brushed fabric soft and comfortable, close and has wear-resisting properties, suitable for long distance cycling, but relatively poor permeability, suggested that the long distance cycling use, cost price is higher than high pressure sponge cushion. For riding pants need not to need to wear underwear, actually cycling shorts are already fully consider the feelings of the wearer, such as increasing some cushion design, and if in some underwear instead, reduce some of the functional design, the cycling shorts because underwear is usually made of cotton, perspiration function is poor, coupled with large friction damp, harmful to human body.
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