we tried it: the naked sports bra

by:INGOR SPORTSWEAR     2019-09-14
If you are wearing a bare sports bra, you will not be naked, but you may also be naked according to the company that produces the bra.
The chest is made of breathable material that allows your sweat to be controlled and the straps are made of mesh fabric designed to minimize tan thread.
If you wear one under the sun, it looks like you\'re getting tan in a nude photo.
When we tried them, something like this happened: \"It took a little bit of effort for the bra to cover my head, and I was worried that I would rip the mesh belt,\" said Christine leehler, editor of Fox News Magazine
I must admit that I have the same anxiety.
This is one of the most embarrassing sports bras I have ever tried.
\"However, once opened, it fits like a glove!
Christine continued.
\"It\'s not getting in the way of my exercise either.
\"For me, the first time I wore a nude sports bra, it was definitely safe and comfortable, but the straps felt so pure on my shoulders that I was afraid they would tear;
I was really surprised that they didn\'t.
The women in my paddleboarding class even asked about my sports bra and seemed interested in buying one.
I\'m not sure if the bra will stop everyone from wearing tan lines, but at the end of the day my shoulders and back are clear.
As Kristin added, \"preventing suntan lines is just an extra bonus for cool designs. \"The downside?
$42 per piece, the price is quite high.
\"I\'m not sure they are worth $42, but they are really comfortable,\" Kristin said.
I like interesting colors.
\"While nude sports bras are definitely not a must, you may want to think about one more next time you\'re in a mood to splurge.
This will definitely make your fitness wardrobe brighter and will probably get some compliments and curiosity.
There is no conclusion as to whether to replace the sports bra permanently, but we are very sure that the nude sports bra is worth at least a try.
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