we test the high street’s top wireless bras… so which will pass our bounce test?

by:INGOR SPORTSWEAR     2019-10-18
Women around the world are very familiar with the joy of taking off their bras after a long day.
But what if things don\'t look like frumpy, could be more complicated?
More and more wireless bras appear on the street, while wires
The free option may be reminiscent of an image of training a bra or your grandma\'s underwear, and retailers are trying to get their underwear
The wired bra looks very sexy and is the perfect choice for everyday wear.
So how comfortable and supportive are these bras?
We tried out five 34D options from the street and gave them a \"bonus\" test to see how they would be in the most \"stressful\" situation . . . . . . This bra is the first sight-I like the material color is beautiful and I am already a fan when it comes to Victoria\'s Secret bra.
Once put on, this bra is very comfortable and I can definitely see myself wearing it every day without complaining.
This bra isn\'t too bad when it comes to the bounce test-it holds me in place and doesn\'t feel terrible, but that being said, if there is no sports bra, I will not develop the habit of jumping around.
This bra looks really beautiful and not cheesy at all, but it doesn\'t have the comfort factor of the other bra-the strap doesn\'t feel soft and elastic and it wears in a little bit.
When I can wear it todayto-
I\'m sure I won\'t run anywhere one day-when it comes to bounce testing, I think I might flash at any point!
This bra is a lovely color, but from the beginning it is the least supported for a group of people and its shape is a bit out of date.
It feels much more spacious than other bands, and there is nothing to do about it because the band is not adjustable.
Needless to say, it means that I feel very unsupported when I jump on the tram-I wouldn\'t suggest anything more than taking a break on the tram.
The shape of this bra is lovely and very comfortable-especially since there is no buckle on its back.
I can happily wear this every day, but the extra padding becomes a concern when it starts jumping.
While the extra \"lift\" looks great when standing still or lazy, I feel that the padded bottom of each cup can always make my chest \"stretch out\" upwards \".
In underwear, Mark and Spencer have always been a trusted brand.
However, despite the bright color of the citrus, the choice of this lace trim does evoke my memory of \"grandma bra.
I found that the size of this strap is very small compared to other bras, which really affects how comfortable it is.
I don\'t really like the shape of the cup either-it gives me a bit of a squishy chest effect.
From the jump test point of view, this is not very good either, and I do think I might flash too much this time.
Personally, I\'m not going to buy this bra for everyday wear-it doesn\'t have any effect on my figure and I just don\'t feel fit.
All in all, some bras are really comfortable and I would find them \"safe\" in everyday wear-especially Victoria\'s Secret and Debenhams bras.
Having said that, while the bras above do have their own, I do not recommend doing anything too laborious on them-that is the purpose of the sports bra. Make-
Artist: Olivia Todd, photographer: Olivia West, trampoline: Opti, Argus, 39. 99.
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