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by:INGOR SPORTSWEAR     2022-09-01
The yellow leaves are fluttering in the breeze, and the family of Ingor with enthusiasm and love in the late autumn has gathered at the office building of the Guangzhou Sports City. They are preparing to go to Huangpu for an exciting outdoor development. After about an hour's drive, they finally arrived. Started the expansion base (the story begins~) After the blue Ingor Corps entered the base, all the personnel formed a small square formation. Under the guidance of the team leader of the expansion base, they filed out to a green grass, and hung up the banner of the first expansion of this time. One activity: team presentations The team leader prepares us for a warm-up fun activity before the start of the activity—Everyone who grabs the red envelopes runs in a circle in one direction, like“money”run! The game is divided into two rounds. In the second round, when the leader announces the amount of money, the amount of the group combination is very clever, and they all meet the standard! Afterwards, each team painted the team logo, team name and slogan on their respective team flags. They took turns on the booth to wave their flags and shout slogans, sing team songs, and form formations. Doubts and doubts arose as the icebreaker of this expansion event, the Integrity Elite Team, took the lead in testing their courage on the edge of danger, and encouraged the rest of the team to move forward. Although a few players faltered, the encouragement and help of the family at Ingor After arriving at the opposite bank, I also sounded the horn of battle and walked calmly across the Ladder Bridge-Prism Bridge. The highlight of this expansion: the Ingor family came to the new battlefield after a few minutes of relaxation in the water park. In the end, with the help of the family members, we faced the difficulties (male) and passed through the difficulties without any risk (the eyes are quick and the hands are fast and the operation is showy) In the end, we came to the cool zone where there was an episode. Someone got wet (item difficulty) too high) but“chicken in soup”Hold the audience with a smile and complete the most difficult project with the help of teammates with a proud attitude. Applause to the colleagues of Ingor who are moving forward. As night falls, this Ingor outdoor expansion activity officially ends. , which interprets the operation of Ingor : there is only a perfect team, there is no perfect individual. The Ingor team must give positive encouragement and help to each other. In this expansion, the family members of Ingor released pressure, freed their minds, further enhanced teamwork and enhanced their relationship. Experience the affection and emotion outside of work, realize that we are a harmonious team, and feel that Ingor is a big warm family. Ingor 's sales in the peak season of gold nine and silver ten have risen, and I would like to thank all customers for their support to the company. At the same time, in the last two months of 2018, Ingor continued to develop more fashionable functional sportswear, so that you can move forward in the cold winter and keep pace with the low temperature. There was a violent fight in the air.
The point for Guangzhou Ingor Sportswear Co.,Ltd. is that managerial processes are as important as other inputs in production and can create significant competitive advantage.
Review Guangzhou Ingor Sportswear Co.,Ltd.'s progress at regular intervals, so we can continue with the strategies that work well and change or eliminate the ones that don't give the results we are looking for.
Using high technology, fitness clothing showed its competitive advantages, captioned with information about the company's commitment to providing safe, reliable, profitable jobs to local artisans.
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