watch the moment cheeky emily ratajkowski has her bum grabbed and spanked in a saucy video she posted on snapchat

by:INGOR SPORTSWEAR     2019-10-01
Model and actress Emily Ratajkowski, who brought a feast to her fans on social media, uploaded a wonderful video showing her back being squeezed by a mysterious man. The 25-year-
Old stunner\'s pert derriere took the center frame in a pair of shorts and matching bras in a clip posted to Snapchat.
Although it has been shot down, some Eagles-
Fortunately, the users of the eyes act in a hurry and share the loot with other online users.
The star of disappeared girl recently revealed that the secret of her coveted figure depends largely on \"genetics\", but she admits she does try to maintain it.
Tell elle.
Com, Emily-the current spokesperson for Amore and Sorvete\'s new swimwear movement-said: \"It\'s about trying to keep fit for me --
Conscious diet arrangements
\"Everyone hates me saying this, they think it\'s old talk, but you don\'t look good if you don\'t feel good in a swimsuit.
Confidence is really important.
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