Was my breast reduction a mistake?

by:INGOR SPORTSWEAR     2019-09-24
The doctor said, \"you have a big breast . \"
I was 23 years old and took half of the exam for half a year.
One minute response.
I was not offended.
I like my gynecologist.
A man in his 60 s is careful, happy and always willing to answer questions.
Now, he\'s checking my double. D-
The size of the breast, saying what I knew from the age of 12, but never heard of such an important thing --of-factly.
\"I know,\" I said at the end. “They’re huge.
I hesitated for a moment and added, \"I hate them.
I think, \"Have you ever thought about reducing surgery \".
Every time I want to wear buttons
Go for a run or lie on my stomach.
But I don\'t think I can really finish it.
After all, big surgery. And permanent.
And I don\'t always hate my chest.
There are some advantages.
They certainly caught the attention of people, but not all of them are offensive.
When I end up losing 20 pounds, they get smaller, don\'t they? What about breasts?
If I had children, I would eat, how about scars and sex? When the doctor handed me a card from his friend who runs the university, I was still preoccupied with the main plastic surgery practice of talking to myself.
\"Call him at any time.
\"A few weeks later, I discussed back pain in the surgeon\'s office, and a few months later, I opened my eyes in the hospital\'s recovery room.
My breasts have now shrunk in half, tied together and bleeding, a throbbing stitched wound wrapped in gauze.
But even under the surgical bra where the pain and anesthesia subsided and tight fit, I felt the difference.
They feel so small and so light. . . normal.
They are lively, flexible, non-
Drooping add-ons I have always dreamed.
I\'m sure I made the right decision.
At least, I was sure at the time.
* I was 10 when my breasts first showed up and I was already painfully aware of my weight.
I\'m not fat but I\'m not thin and when I start to develop it feels like the universe is adding insult to damage.
When I was 12 years old, I was a tall and sexy woman. of course, I was not a woman. I was 12!
When my breasts appear, I don\'t think my adolescent self can accept the idea that now my part, a very prominent part, has no definite function, it will make no sense in the foreseeable future, which is similar to the rest of my body, but different, and I have always hoped that these parts will become thinner and thinner.
I remember one afternoon I came home from the seventh grade along the bike lane and when I got around a curve I realized someone was following me.
I looked up and saw a pedestrian bridge with a group of older boys standing on it, laughing and laughing.
When I turned around, I heard one of them shout to the other person, \"I don\'t know if it\'s a big tits or if she\'s just fat,\" ashamed that I never told anyone about it, but over the next five years, I did ask myself the same question at least thousands of times.
A friend of mine had surgery too and she described similar experiences and how she started to hate her triple
She had a chest when she was very young, and lazily doing whatever she could hide, because every day when she passed through the high school canteen, when she passed, football players will shout \"chest \".
Another friend said: \"When I was 9 years old, my chest became bigger and I was completely distorted.
Werewolf, it feels like my body is out of my control. style.
\"The Second Sex traits are so cruel because they make these delicate bodies so public,\" she notes . \".
For me, however, my breasts are not only the source of embarrassment and discomfort, but also a problem that needs to be addressed.
Surgery is the solution.
* I stayed in the hospital for one night and then went back to the apartment where I and I stayed very quickly --to-
Being a husband, I recovered quickly there.
Risks I have not been warned
Infection, bleeding, discolorationcame to pass.
Pain can be controlled.
The decrease in feeling has not caused me much trouble.
Although the scar is visible, it is not as prominent as I am worried about.
During my tracking
When making an appointment, the plastic surgeon joked that I could still do a topless dance if this impulse struck me.
A month after the surgery, I started what I now thought was the honeymoon phase.
I walked into Victoria\'s Secret and bought a Lacey Xiaoming line number of my new size 36 C with a lot of items in stock.
I wore vests and camping pants in town and these shirts may have arrested me.
I use a sports bra to go jogging instead of my usual trio.
In the evening, in the bathtub, I lay down for an hour, watching them float, feeling the lightness of them, experiencing what I can only describe as a kind of almost religious in these things to my new form, now part of me, these delicate, delicate, light-as-
Feather breasts.
I like this change in the next few years.
I was able to take care of it, not very good and not very easy but not close
I kept pumping water to keep my milk supplied.
I found clothes suitable for sports and wore a swimsuit that looked like a swimsuit.
I even became a breast.
Restore proselytizer to any big-
My friend.
Usually, they admitted they had considered surgery and my usual response was clear: \"Do it,\" I told them.
\"I can\'t recommend it strongly enough.
\"But when I entered my 30 s, something strange happened. The large-
The woman I know-
Women in their 20 s may have been ready like me to announce that they hate their breasts ---
I don\'t hate them anymore.
They are showing off them, reading fashion blogs like GabiFresh and girlcurves, Young websites
Size women have released their own gorgeous photos and published articles on how to dress in a larger size fashion.
They watched Kristina Hendricks kick their ass in Emerald City.
Hug your skirt and pencil or enjoy yourself
The size model is mounted on the magazine cover and runway.
Everywhere I look, there seems to be a new generation of women who are not only willing to accept themselves of a larger size, but are also willing to celebrate a more feminine image.
Go out with Kylie Bradshaw and go out with Lena Denham.
Now, I find it strange that I was left out as if I were a double agent.
D. during the diet-crazed, thin-at-all-
The cost culture of \"post-80 s\" and \"Post-90 s.
I find myself wondering if I will still have surgery if these types of role models show up at that time, and these soft and curved women seem to be strong, smart and sexy at the same time.
* One of the most difficult parts of developing large breasts early is that it can always attract sexual attention, which may be welcome or tolerated for women aged 25 or 30, or seen as a minor nuisance, but may be deeply disturbed by a 12-year-old girl.
I began to wonder if there was a part of me when I was 25 (
When I had surgery)
Before I was mentally prepared, it never completely overcame the cold and inner chaos of showing the sexy self.
If so, at least in some small parts, surgery is an elimination.
I made love myself, \"fixed\" something, not because it was broken, but because I was young and accepted the assumption of society, thinking that big breasts are serious girls for bimbos who don\'t like my friend cleavageA, she considered but chose not to do surgery and told me that she \"knows a lot of girls who get surgery, surgeons always say it\'s for medical reasons. (
Big breasts are bad for your back. )
There is something \"noble\" and \"healthy\" about reduction ---
I\'m talking about \"chest work \". e.
In our academic world, it is considered futile and superficial to inflate your shelves.
\"But now, when I look at my breasts or the scars below, when I think back to the difficulties and frustrations I have experienced trying to have my breasts --
Eat with them or think about it, even though they are small in size, they are still like all the non-
Saline-enhanced breasts end up doing this, and I wonder if my surgery is really \"more noble\" or \"healthier\" than another woman\'s implant \", or I just wanted to be in line with the traditional beauty and the girl who bumped out of her nose or the curly hair that blew out of her hair is no different.
To be exact, I don\'t regret the operation.
Smaller breasts are more comfortable.
But I think part of me wants to see the 35-year-old. year-
My old woman can take 24-year-
Old girl can\'t: Take my body status and maybe even see my \"huge\" breasts a bit awesome and don\'t talk nonsense to anyone who has other ideas.
When I try to remember what it\'s like to have a big chest at 16, 20, 23, I always remember an awkward feeling.
I may not like other aspects of my appearance, but my breasts are embarrassing me.
Not only are they uncomfortable.
They make other people uncomfortable.
I think it must be her meaning when my friend thinks that price reduction is a \"sensible\" choice.
But afterwards, I couldn\'t help but think, screw them.
Anyway, there is a big, full, feminine and curved body. in this body, I sometimes feel uncomfortable, yes, but just like I sometimes look at the old picture, I can hardly recognize the full girl in it.
I remember the old clothes embraced my curve, the admiration of my loved ones in the past, the feeling of my body, my inproportion and top-notch --
Although it may be heavy, it is unique and irrevocable to me.
I remember a performance teacher at the university who tried to help me overcome the physical embarrassment on stage by urging me to wear a long and funky dress
Fitted clothes are more feminine than the jeans and loose sweaters I usually wear.
One day, at a private meeting, she said, \"I think it\'s time to calm your body down.
\"This is the body of a woman,\" she told me . \".
\"That\'s what it is.
You can\'t turn it into something else. ”
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