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warning: wearing the wrong bra may damage breasts, study says

by:INGOR SPORTSWEAR     2019-09-28
Listen, ladies.
If you don\'t wear the correct type of bra, you may damage your breasts without realizing it.
According to the Daily Mail, researchers from Portsmouth University in Hampshire found that wearing the wrong \"support system\" may lead to irreparable ligament weakness in the breast.
They found up to 95% of women in danger.
It is reported that it is mainly because they know nothing or feel embarrassed about their real bra size.
After they did a treadmill test for 100 women, the study came to this conclusion.
Over the past three years, the team has studied about 50 bra designs.
They found that for most bras, women\'s breasts move up and down, in and out and from one side to the other, moving an average of 8.
26 inch, during exercise.
The problem, according to The Post, is that most bras are designed just to limit vertical movement.
\"Many women have a strong preference for certain styles of bras and won\'t buy anything else,\" researcher Wendy Hedger told the Post . \".
\"In sports bras, for example, many women don\'t buy bras like everyday bras --
If it can\'t be pulled to the head like a crop top, they think, then it\'s not really a sports bra.
\'This is not true, \'said Hyde.
\"The back of many sports bras is the same as traditional ones, doing well and supporting women well. ”The bottom-
Line, the researchers say, chooses a bra that supports your breasts whether you\'re walking on the street or running on a treadmill.
Click here to read more about the Daily Mail.
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