Warmly welcome Mr. Zheng Pengfei, the brand spokesperson of Ingor Sportswear, to go home-Ingor Sp

by:INGOR SPORTSWEAR     2022-09-18
October 20th Tokyo Olympics kayak men's double rowing 1000m silver medalist 14th National Games“double crown”Ingor Sportswear brand spokesperson Zheng Pengfei returned to Ingor Sportswear company Ingor Sportswear brand founder Mr. Luo Kui personally met Zheng Pengfei's entire Ingor Sportswear family at the gate early to prepare a warm welcome ceremony, welcome Pengfei to go home often to see the Ingor Sportswear brand after a short rest The founder, Mr. Luo Kui, took Pengfei to visit the working environment of the company. He introduced the development process of the Ingor Sportswear brand in detail. Next is the more exciting moment to take photos and sign autographs. This is our first close contact with the kayak champion. I was so excited that everyone surrounded Pengfei and competed to take photos with them. Everyone got their wishes and got the group photos and autographs. With the singing of Ingor Sportswear people’s songs, Pengfei and all Ingor Sportswear people joined hands and sang our Ingor. The songs of the Sportswear people are powerful and inspiring. Finally, Pengfei and all Ingor Sportswear people exchanged and shared the stories of training, the history of the Olympic Games, the National Games, and the experience of winning gold. If you want to achieve results, you must be willing to work harder than others. Working hard so that he can defeat his opponents on the field, he said with a smile that it was the good luck that he had brought him by signing the Ingor Sportswear brand endorsement. Finally, Pengfei arrived at the Ingor Sportswear Garment Industrial Park factory. His colleagues also prepared a warm welcome ceremony to face the champion. Everyone's faces were full of excitement when they arrived. Everyone was satisfied to get a group photo and autograph. This colleague worked so hard to sign it. It's amazing to wear his clothes and sign on his back. Pengfei's home is for us to promote The Olympic spirit spreads full of positive energy. I sincerely hope that in the coming days, Pengfei will continue to train hard, continue to work hard and forge ahead, and strive to create new achievements and win glory for the motherland! Come home from time to time and see us at Ingor Sportswear!
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