Warm congratulations to Ingor Sportswear brand spokesperson Zheng Pengfei for winning the silver medal in the Tokyo Olympics-Ingor S

by:INGOR SPORTSWEAR     2022-09-18
On the morning of August 3, Beijing time, the men's double rowing 1000-meter canoeing competition in the still water of the Tokyo Olympics was held at the Sea Forest Aquatic Arena. Chinese players Zheng Pengfei/Liu Hao played. In the end, Zheng Pengfei/Liu Hao played well, adding another silver to the Chinese Olympic team with a score of 3:25.198, only 0.203 seconds behind the Cuban team, and won the runner-up in this event and won the silver medal. At the very beginning of the competition, each team was very tight, and they all quickly began to increase their paddle frequency. Zheng Pengfei/Liu Hao were in the first echelon and competed with the German team in underwater strength and stroke length. Afterwards, Zheng Pengfei/Liu Hao gradually lowered the paddle frequency and started to stabilize the speed. Since it was a tailwind, the players needed to master the rhythm more steadily. At the first timing point (250 meters), Zheng Pengfei/Liu Hao were in the lead, followed by the German team. The race continued, Germany and Brazil continued to chase Zheng Pengfei/Liu Hao, but the two oars had a very good linearity and a stable rhythm. The oar frequency remained at around 60/61 oars. ), the German team was a little behind, the Cuban team rushed to the second position, and the Chinese team had a lead of about 1 second. Then, the race entered the white-hot stage, and Cuba was still chasing after the third timing point (at 750 meters), biting very tightly. At the end of the sprint, Zheng Pengfei/Liu Hao began to speed up frantically, and the Cuban team also played very fiercely, almost level with the Chinese team, and the two sides fought for almost a minute. In the last 50 meters, Zheng Pengfei/Liu Hao was a little weak in physical strength, and took second place with a disadvantage of one bow. The final score was 3 minutes 25 seconds 198, 0.203 seconds behind the Cuban team, and won a silver medal. Zheng Pengfei's honors: 2021, the runner-up in the men's double rowing 1000m in the Tokyo Olympics canoeing competition 2020, the first place in the men's tandem rowing 1000m in the 2020 National Kayaking Championships 2019, the Kayak World Cup Duis Men's 1000m double rowing gold medal at Fort Station 2019, Men's 500m tandem rowing champion at the Kayaking World Cup 2017, Men's 1000m single rowing champion at the 13th National Games 2014, Men's 1000m at Incheon Asian Games The double rowing runner-up once again congratulates Zheng Pengfei/Liu Hao for winning the silver medal and winning glory for the country! At the same time, we also wish that Ingor Sportswear brand spokesperson Zheng Pengfei can overcome all obstacles in the men's single rowing 1000 meters on August 7, achieve better results, and add another Tokyo Olympic medal to the Chinese canoeing team.
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