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victorian haunted mansion inspired costume

by:INGOR SPORTSWEAR     2019-10-06
I run a haunted house in my daughter\'s primary school and have been wanting to make a \"haunted house\" costume for several years.
I finally have time to do it this year.
It was made in a business model.
The pattern I used came from a company called \"real Victorian.
The corset is a pattern TV 460 and the skirt is tv261.
I did as instructed.
Material: real Victorian style bodice tv460 material for real Victorian style skirt tv261 bodice-
Fake raw silk material for corset lining
Lining acetate material rigini boning3 \"lace for bow at collar of skirt
Medium-weight woven cotton material skirt the hard net of the poufribbon or the fine net of the skirt poufcheap felt top hat veil sewing machine and general sewing supplies. The general outline of the Victorian era is a noise behind the front.
So if you don\'t have a bodice and you\'re full, you should buy a sports bra that really hits you!
I used ENELL.
It\'s not beautiful, but it leveled you in front.
If you\'re not big on it, you can leave with a regular bra and still have a fairly accurate profile.
Be sure to wear underwear when you measure your corset (
Bras, bras, or other)
You will be wearing that suit.
This pattern does not use the traditional size and has a lot of curved seams.
So make sure that the so-called \"Muslim \"--
This means doing a test corset with some cheap material ($1.
Muslin works great).
Sew it together with a long or basting needle.
Don\'t make the lining, just make the outer layer and try it on.
Make any adjustments to this test corset.
The pattern explains some of the more common fixes you may need to do.
If it fits without any adjustment, you can cut the material with paper samples.
If you finally make an adjustment, use your Muslim (
Test the pieces of the bodice)
Cut off your material.
Be sure to line up the corset as it is at the seam of the lining.
Boning really helps to keep the seams straight if you are bending.
Because you can sew it up, I\'m using rigelin boning.
I made a bow for the collar with a lace of about 2 yards 3.
As the pattern says, I made this dress.
Because this is my only dress.
I will make a huge dress with TV290 next year)
, I used a heavy net in the back and pulled up the skirt inside with a ribbon to make the noiselike pouffing.
If this is your only dress, be sure to wrinkle it because it is heavier, so it is better to move the body and bottom of the dress more.
I just used a cheap felt hat and wrapped it up with a nice net.
The front of the net was lifted by a veil.
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