victoria secret: kendall jenner rules the catwalk at annual lingerie fashion show

by:INGOR SPORTSWEAR     2019-10-10
Kendall Jenner stole the show at a fashion show, dazzled by her secret underwear at Victoria\'s annual fashion show.
The supermodel returned from the gap year and ruled the runway at this year\'s charm feast in New York on Thursday night. The 23-year-
The old man was shocked when she was wearing black lace underwear.
When Kendall put on the dress, she showed confidence, as well as sparkling diamonds and a pair of sparkling black high heels.
Other supermodels Bella and Gigi Hadid, Winnie Harlow and Alexina Graham joined her as well.
The TV star also hit the catwalk with a patterned mini skirt, another quick-change part --
The era reality show star wearing a patterned mini skirt.
Kendall\'s mother, Chris, said she was \"proud\" of her daughter when she shared her daughter\'s photos to Instagram on the runway \".
She wrote in the title of the post: \"It\'s amazing! !
I am very proud to see Kendall walking on the runway 2018 of the @ seiiascret fashion show today!
All the Angels look beautiful! £proudmama.
Jenner\'s sister, Kylie, was also impressed and shared a photo of Kendall with the caption: \"What do I mean ? \"? ? ? ? ? !
\"The show marks the end of veteran Adriana Lima, who announced that the show would be her last.
The 37-year-old Brazilian model was given a standing ovation at the last show.
She seemed to cry when she thanked the crowd.
She wrote on Instagram: \"Dear Victoria, thank you for showing me the world and sharing your secrets, and most importantly, you have not only given me wings but also taught meLove, Adriana.
\"On one occasion, Bella stepped onto the stage in a sport --
Themed dress, match the lace bra with the pilot jacket and the thin heels boots on striped white socks.
Victoria\'s Secret Fashion Show will be broadcast in the United States on December 2.
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