'Victoria's Secret' underwear exceeds the standard formaldehyde 'Van Xueer' underwear is safe and environmentally friendly to wear

by:INGOR SPORTSWEAR     2022-05-26
Recently, Shanghai Entry-Exit Inspection and Quarantine Bureau centrally destroyed a batch of clothing including well-known brands of Victoria's Secret. Because the 'Victoria's Secret' women's underwear detected excessive formaldehyde, we know that women's underwear, as MM's intimate clothing, directly contacts the MM's private skin. Excessive formaldehyde directly affects people's health. Guangzhou ingorsports seamless underwear factory's own product 'Van Xueer' series of women's underwear insists on using safe and environmentally friendly materials to produce, without formaldehyde, you can rest assured to wear!

'Victoria's Secret' underwear is the underwear brand 'Victoria's SecretAnd imitate the 'Victoria's Secret' underwear style.

This time, according to news reports: Recently, 5 batches of Ralph Lauren clothing were intercepted at the Shanghai airport port, mainly involving excessive pH value and unqualified safety indicators such as buttons and ropes of children's clothing. Underwear brand Victoria's Secret, a batch of underwear sent to China was also detected to exceed the standard formaldehyde.

A total of 400 batches of unqualified clothing were announced to be destroyed on the same day, with a total of about 55,000 pieces and a value of more than 300,000 US dollars.

——Excerpt from Phoenix Information>Social>Text 'Shanghai Destroys a Batch of 'Victoria's Secret' Underwear Tested to Exceed the Standard Formaldehyde

——(The above two pictures are transferred from Hexun.com>News>Zheng Fang 'Victoria's Secret Imported Underpants Detected Excessive Formaldehyde A Picture Teach You How to Get Rid of Formaldehyde')

For the 'Victoria's Secret' women's underwear that exceeded the standard formaldehyde and entered my country, fortunately, the Shanghai Entry-Exit Inspection and Quarantine Bureau checked it out and destroyed it, which also caused an uproar on the Internet.

Excessive formaldehyde causes diseases This is not an alarmist rumor. For textiles such as underwear, women's underwear and other countries, all countries have formulated formaldehyde content standards. Excessive standards are not allowed to be sold. Regarding the detection of 'Victoria's Secret' underwear exceeding the standard, I believe many people are thinking, so what brand of women's underwear is safe to buy?

Guangzhou ingorsports has been a seamless underwear manufacturer for 17 years, producing and processing seamless knitted garments of the 'Van Xueer' brand including women's underwear, such as: sports bras, sportswear manufacturer, body underwear, knitted camisole, 5 points /7 points pants, yoga clothes for women clothes, etc. We process and produce all kinds of women's underwear, and insist on safety and environmental protection as the top priority when it comes to underwear.

ingorsports 'Vancher' series of women's underwear, underwear products used to be exported to Japan, South Korea, Western Europe, etc., and the quality requirements of the products are also extremely high. With the Chinese people's awareness of health, we also began to serve some Domestic customers, but we ingorsports have not relaxed the quality requirements of products at all, and resolutely implement stricter product quality requirements than Japan, South Korea and Western Europe.

Our 'Van Xueer' series of women's underwear, the raw materials of underwear products are provided by the listed company Huading Company and Israel's Yili Company in Suzhou Branch, no formaldehyde, no azo, salad degree is above 4 , the products have passed SGS testing, Shanghai Bureau Veritas testing, German Rheinland certification, etc. Our ingorsports seamless underwear factory has passed the Wal-Mart factory inspection, BSCI factory inspection, German Rheinland certification, ISO9001 certification!

So, what brand is good for women's underwear, women's underwear, sportswear manufacturer? Of course, choose ingorsports 'Vancher' brand, you can wear it with confidence! Hotline: 13777902292 (Mr. Ding) QQ: 2083574942

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