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victoria\'s secret? their bras are crap!

by:INGOR SPORTSWEAR     2019-09-18
OK, this is the way out of my usual writing field, but I have to share this story with you!
I went to Iraq last year, planned to stay for two months, and ended up staying for seven months.
There we handed over our clothes to the laundry point and after about three days we picked it up and cleaned it up. . .
Or at least it should be.
On the other hand, I will hand my clothes back except for the bra and underwear. Ew.
By the third week, I found myself in desperate need of underwear.
Of course I went to PX (
Post Exchange for shopping trailers)
Looking for new underwear/BRA.
Any one of you who was once in the battle zone knows what will happen next.
All I found was the huge granny panties, A, B and C cup sizes (shudder)sports bras.
Well, it\'s good for smaller blessed universities
But even in the real world, it\'s always hard for me to find the right woman for myself.
So, I did what any girl who only wore annoying, cheap polos and khaki cloth pants would do, and I decided to order beautiful Victorian bras and underwear online. com.
My first attempt was one night before work.
I arrived at MWR early and sat down to shop with the card in my hand.
I just got a hit.
In the browser, I received a warning message from the US government!
It says the site I was trying to visit was labeled porn!
Great, great.
I searched macys.
Guess what. . .
I can open everything including men\'s underwear but can\'t open lady underwear! WTF?
I\'m annoyed!
If I can\'t even shop online, how should I supplement my ever-decreasing underwear?
The government really expects me (gasp, shudder)
Wearing my annoying grandma\'s underwear on my chest?
Well, I\'m not trying to answer this question!
I talked to a few of my female soldier friends and asked them if they had the same problem at the laundry point. They did.
Then I asked them what they did about it.
One of the girls suggested calling the 1800 number for VS and then ordering like this.
They all taught me In-
Chu underwear washing. . . .
I hate washing clothes while the machine is working and washing my hands is worse! (
Especially when you share a bathroom with another girl, your bra is everywhere in a small 5x5 room. . . )I digress. . .
Anyway, one of the girls (thankfully)
I read a magazine gratefully.
I have a list of options in the bar
Code, then I realized that the KBR computer I was using had a very fragile firewall. . . .
Needless to say, I ordered my new underwear.
Two months later, I received a broken box full of torn underwear (
The team in charge of the box was bombed)
I bought more than 20 bras! Yea me! I was stoked!
I washed these bras with my hands and left them flat to dry.
I make sure they\'re always hanging and they\'re never squashed, guess what. . .
They started to crash less than two months later!
I mean skin tearing, scars falling off, wires breaking off, falling off!
I just paid for these stupid things and waited for a few months (
During that time, I won\'t completely reveal the clothes I have to wear, let\'s just say that, and I understand why the commandos are labeled like this. . )
The bra threw me shamelessly!
I called VS and told them about the problem.
They told me that I had to send them back to the clothing store for approval ,(
It may take 6 weeks)
Then wait for my new mail in the mail.
I\'m angry, but what can I do?
I can\'t go to VS and give them a little of my thoughts. . .
I was in war, for the monster, so, I took it up. . . . (
Like we do from time to time)
I sent back completely unusable, and three months later I took them back just in time for me to leave. . .
When I got home, I decided to take all my broken bras in.
They have a \"policy\" that is completely replaceable if their bras don\'t last for the first year of life. . . so they say.
The manager said, so, I bought an overpriced $50 pop bra, don\'t you know, and I quoted \"Victoria\'s Secret store has nothing to do with the online store.
We can\'t help you here.
Try number 1800.
\"So she almost asked me to leave. Nice.
I did call 1800 and waited 20 minutes to talk to someone and was finally transferred by someone named Ted. Ted (no last name)
I told me there was nothing they could do because my address changed.
I explained to him that I am in Iraq and since I have no intention of staying there forever, it is illogical to tell me that I cannot change my client information. . . .
I was transferred. . .
I talked to the next person in line. . .
Was transferred again. . .
Before I spoke to the \"head of the online store\", the cycle repeated about six times and she was fine.
She listened to my story and expressed sympathy.
She then gave me an account number, her contact details and called Grove\'s store to tell them to exchange items for me.
After three hours of my initial call, she explained that it was not normal for her to allow me to return the bra to the store, but because of this she would allow it.
I thanked her and grabbed my bag. O-broken-
Bra, forest.
I walked into the door and asked for a manager.
The first girl I asked said she was the manager. Great!
I explained the whole situation and she looked at me and said. . .
\"Yeah, I can\'t help you.
\"I said\" is not acceptable, I have the contact phone and extension and you can call to ask any questions you need and they will confirm everything I tell you.
She retorted: \"Yes, I can\'t call them from here.
\"So my answer is,\" Yes, where is the actual manager?
\"Fortunately, the actual manager overheard and came over to help.
She told me that another \"manager\" was filling it out for her while she was in a meeting. Bril.
So, explain again and hand over the bag full of my worn bra to the manager.
The manager told me that the size of the bra I was wearing was wrong.
\"OK, give me the right size!
\"Half an hour, about 30 pieces of bra accessories, later confirmed my original purchase size.
Anyway, give me the damn bra.
So I changed 5 and got 4 back.
But salt must be added to gash. . .
After countless hours of waiting in my life, they returned the inferior product and finally got my bra and I received a note instead of a receipt. It states (no shiza! )
I, customer, am taking a thin line in secret with Victoria and I am no longer allowed to return or change my bra for any reason! WHAT THE HELL?
I looked at her and laughed!
\"So you told me that this company makes crappy bras that can be sold for every $50 pop, and I am now treated as a criminal for returning this crap, instead of even getting my money back, I changed this shiza.
What a joke!
\"While VS is the only place to produce my size bra, I will never shop there again!
The customer is always wrong and then treated like a damn thief!
In any case, Gross vs gross, oh and BTW Gap body will produce better bras. Take that!
Send bra, dear mom!
If you want to send a care bag to our army overseas, beautiful bra and underwear is really a good idea!
There are quite a few women out there, but the public and the army mainly cater for men and their needs. . . .
Don\'t forget, ladies!
Why are bras and underwear?
We can\'t buy it at home!
Even if we can\'t wear beautiful clothes, it\'s nice to feel beautiful below!
Whether there\'s desert or not, whether there\'s fighting or not, we\'re still girls!
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