victoria’s secret sportswear put to the test

by:INGOR SPORTSWEAR     2019-09-18
Latest fitness label-
Imagine the image of Gisele bonchen taxiing the designer surfboard in the waves.
Or Gigi Hadid\'s perfect ponytail swings around the boxing ring, with the supermodel sweating for the supermodel
Body further.
Strapline is being used to promote the latest Victoria Secret sportswear collection, encouraging fitness enthusiasts to share their favorite gym costume portfolio on social media.
Ji, 20, and her.
The 27-year-old winged Model, parse Candice swanepur, 24-year-old Jasmin tux, and 27-year-old Elsa horsk, look certain in the suit
But what about the real woman?
Sweating on underwear models through the \"Valencia\" filter is one thing.
But what does the 12-yard sweat stream sweat back training look like at the local fitness center? Is the eye-
Very flattering for anyone who is not worth vs t?
More importantly, will it really be available in the event of sweating?
I put a new range through its pace in an angel-
Theme fitness classPrice from £ 30-
£ 60, the collection includes bras, cropped tops, leggings, shorts, vests, joggers, jacket jumpers, and even XS/S/L size pants
Sports bra is an important person in the series, with the name \"Angel.
\"Cottage\" and \"outstanding \".
There are three types of support (
Lightweight to incredible)
, Rainbow XS in color and size-XL and A-DDD (prices £38. 21 -£44. 04)
Memory foam, breathable bra, high performance fabric
The way to stretch and sweat
Wicking staples means that the series can fight more serious (and expensive)
Sports clothing labels and contours such as Adidas and Nike are designed for women who care about the appearance of the gym (
Go to the juice later).
Is Instagram worth it? You bet.
But surprisingly, the series also offers functional and stylish points.
The design team has identified two of the most important areas for fitness enthusiasts: support sports bras and highrise, form-
Fit leggings for intense workout with celebrity coach Svava Sigbertsdottir.
The \"Viking Method\" of Sigbertsdottir includes high feet, jumping squats, extremely down dogs and crawling like crabs, all of which will make the \"sports\" products of most commercial streets
This woman likes her theme very much.
But VS kit kept us dry and active, and there was no sign that fans of cheap gym gear would be too familiar. Style-
It is wise to gather more subtly than expected.
Of course, it\'s bright and tight, with a lot of very girly colors (
\"It\'s so pink!
\"When we dress for the class, someone in the locker room hears it)
But this is the case with most training kits (
It\'s also safe if it\'s outside)
Go to the channel \"disco\" when you work so hard \".
The lack of the main logo is another advantage of serious sport types, a simple \"VSX\" is distributed throughout the range, not the brand name printed behind you.
Flattering panels and fabrics mean you don\'t need to be a teenager on the 6 th to look good in the kit.
Unfortunately, the maximum size \"l\" is only for the 14 th, so they lose points when they don\'t fit the curve (
But I don\'t think VS\'s boss will suffer from insomnia).
A good bra is the most important part of any women\'s gym set, and for an underwear brand it is essential to get into the gym to correct the situation.
When she worked out, Sigbertsdottir, who claimed to be the \"sweat stream huge back\", said: \"I have a big chest and I have been in the gym all my life, so the right bra is very important to me because it is the best bra on the commercial street.
I tried \"lightweight\" media support (£25. 04)
This actually makes my chest look great thanks to the breathable padding, adjustable straps, and flexible underwear, and most importantly, they also maintain their posture when the stars jump. The capri-
Style \'counterfeit \'(£45. 36)feature a high-
No moving waist in my high kick with thin thighs, flattering panels and super thick fabric (
Very important for those gym selfies)
Running the next day in the cold weather also kept me warm.
It may be a surprising choice, but it is actually brilliant (£64. 96)
: Large size, waterproof, many pockets inside and outside (
Including shoe cabinet at the bottom)
A mobile wallet and even a wet bag.
Also, you don\'t need to be \"Angel size\" to look good in it.
Cotton/polyester vest (£19. 23).
The color is beautiful, but the shape is quickly lost and does not provide any extra workout value.
By Svava Sigbertsdottir (*Gisele-
Not guaranteed by Likebody).
Do every piece for 30 seconds. Do five sets. Have 30-
Rest between the two groups for 60 seconds.
A big squat.
When you look at your knees and toes in unison and don\'t give in.
Squat deep, then when you jump up, let your hips and legs stretch completely and put one leg in front of the other.
Do it again on the squat land.
Start with your knee until you have a complete grasp of the action.
Bring your hand closer to the body than normal upward pressing, touch your core, bend back with your elbow and touch the side of the body, and lower yourself to the floor.
Prevent the core from coming down all the way and relaxing on the floor.
Take your body back, just as you did when you fell down, and your arm rests on the side of your body on the inside.
Start on your knees, use your feet down and your knees down 90 degrees to get your left leg forward.
Press the left heel, push up, extend the left leg while kicking the right leg high.
Control it when you come down.
Don\'t lift yourself up with your right leg at all. you can only use your left leg.
Grab your core and kick that leg with your strength!
On the shiny floor, enter the board position and place your feet on the slide/towel/magazine.
Use the upper body to join the core (
Make sure you keep the board line in practice)
Then drag your body forward and backward with your hand.
Note that you do not fall in the middle and do not arch in the back.
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