victoria’s secret sports bras sell slower than expected

by:INGOR SPORTSWEAR     2019-12-14
Victoria\'s Secret efforts to make sports bras sexy are longer than management expected.
Underwear chain, part of Brand L
A series of new sports bras were launched last year, including push-
Let women show their varieties of cleavage in the gym.
This move is part of more and more attention to sportswear, such as figure-
Strengthen your workout pants and workout shorts.
So far, however, sales have not reached the company\'s original ambition.
Victoria\'s Secret ordered too many sports bras in the summer and fall of 2013, beyond its sales capacity, resulting in a surplus of inventory, at an event in New York this week, said Stuart bergdover, chief financial officer.
Even so, retailers want to sell bras without labeling them, he said.
At the Barclays retail and consumer discretion conference, Burgdoerfer said: \"We bought enough money to reach home run, but we hit twice or three times.
\"We have developed this business very well, but we have bought a lot of sports bras.
\"The L brand is secretly seeking new sources of growth in Victoria, its largest sector, by going beyond traditional underwear and pajamas.
So far, the results have been mixed.
At this week\'s meeting, L Brands said Victoria\'s Secret will stop offering items such as sweaters, jeans and dresses next year, as sales are not good enough.
The costumes are sold online and in catalogues, not in secret and pink retail stores in Victoria.
Unlike sweaters and jeans, sports bras are available online and in stores in addition to Victoria\'s Secret trademark underwear.
Last year, when the company promoted the new product, Sharen Jester Turney, Victoria\'s Secret executive, said she was working hard to enliven the monotonous campaign --bra market.
\"We want to solve the uniboob problem, and your sports bra makes you look direct on this issue ---
No one likes it, \"Turney said in November.
\"The performance and functionality of this bra is the same as the appearance.
She said at the time: \"The gym people realized that they were showing when they were exercising and they wanted to look good.
\"It\'s a fashion club now,\" said Teney . \"
\"Wearing our old gym shorts and worn out T-The shirt is over.
Overall, sportswear is a successful extension of Victoria\'s Secret.
In its latest quarterly results report in February, Turney noted that underwear, sports and beauty are three strong performing industries.
At the same time, efforts to sell sweaters and jeans face the problem of weak demand and profits that are narrower than Victoria\'s Secret profits from its main products.
Sales in so-
The direct channel to provide clothing has fallen by 1% in recent times.
The Women\'s Wear Daily reported in April that the company would scale back its apparel line.
\"We know that when we continue to focus on our core, we are the most successful,\" Turney said in a statement last month . \".
The L brand needs Victoria\'s Secret to be delivered after predicting a lower than analysts\' expected quarterly earnings.
Its shares fell 12% this year.
L brand rose 0.
$ 7% to $54.
Close 60 points in New York
Even if some clothing sales were stopped, Victoria\'s Secret will continue to sell casual and beach clothing, the company said.
The key, Turney says, is to provide products that match their brand.
\"The combination of this clothing category with the core attributes of Victoria Secret and pink will provide a cohesive brand experience for our customers,\" she said . \".
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