Victoria\'s Secret Is Selling Replicas of $10 Million Fantasy Bra

by:INGOR SPORTSWEAR     2019-09-18
Fantasy becomes reality.
Victoria Secret has sold a replica of one of the famous jewels for the first time in history.
Fantasy Bra.
The new available blingy bra is a 2013 fashion show recently experienced by jeweler Mouawad, the secret lingerie retailer of Victoria Angels at Candice Swanepoel.
But if you worry about the replica, it will cost you as much as $10 million.
Original fee-fear not.
Unlike the sparkling underwear swainpur is wearing, it covers 4,200 precious gems, including diamonds, yellow sapphire and stunning 52 Gems
Hanging from the center of the carat Ruby, the retail version is just dotted with rhinestones for a much cheaper price of $295.
For those who want to know what underwear might push with glitter-
Victoria\'s Secret also offers a fantasy bra
$58 inspired Crystal covered panties.
But if you have a dizzying array of things on your holiday wish list, you \'d better hurry up as only 1,000 of replica bras have been produced!
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