victoria\'s secret is pushing a new kind of bra to solve its \'image problem\'

by:INGOR SPORTSWEAR     2019-10-17
Secrets of Facebook/Victoria)
Victoria\'s Secret is to hope that the sports bra will bring the company a real need for improvement.
According to a recent report by Bloomberg\'s Kim Bhasin, sports bras are a challenge for the brand.
After all, they are not obviously sexy.
Many other brands already dominate the market.
Still, the lingerie brand has a big bet on what fashion is --
This is a sports bra and a bra in a cup. less, padding-free bras.
Recently, the company\'s sales have increased by 1% year-on-year, which is not questionable because most retail businesses are struggling.
However, as Bhasin pointed out, growth has been slowing, and stocks have fallen by about 17% since the beginning of January.
The company said on Thursday\'s earnings call that both bras and sports bras had \"meaningful growth \".
\"Bralettes may be a difficult question for the brand. On a second-
On Thursday\'s quarterly earnings call, chief financial officer and EVP Stuart Bergdoerfer admitted that their retail price was well below normalsupport bras.
AsGabriella Santaniello, an analyst and founder of consulting Line partners, told Business Insider that they were also easy to do.
That means nothing can stop brands like Aerie
American Eagle underwear brand-
Not to them.
Sports bras may be a better option because they are hard to produce, says Santanello.
\"There is no reason for Victoria\'s Secret not to be a major participant in the sports bra,\" she said . \".
The sports market is certainly saturated, but the company has taken steps to compete with brands such as Nike and ruolimon by launching Victoria sports, as Santanello points out, Victoria(
Jamie McCarthy)
The bigger problem with Victoria\'s Secret is its image.
Santanello said the brand \"has been plagued by image problems because of its long-standing insistence on this fantasy image.
\"Like the rise of famous body brands --
Front and spray brush-
The free Aerie and adore Me with an inclusive clothing and size roster only highlight how far behind Victoria\'s secrets are.
Both of the above brands have hired Iskra Lawrence, the spokesperson for iResearch, who has become a physically active poster girl. \"I think for[
Victoria\'s Secret
It\'s like a wake-up call.
Call them-
They have to develop their brand.
\"They just can\'t continue the fantasy of Victoria\'s Secret and they have to update and develop,\" she said . \".
Still, Victoria\'s Secret dominates the lingerie market with its annual total salesnearly $7.
7 billion last year
Compared with competitors, it is huge.
Santaniello said that at the end of the day, the most important thing is the \"core competence\" of the brand \"--
One of them is a very nice bra.
When Business Insider contacted Victoria\'s Secret, the company pointed out its revenue records and prepared comments.
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